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Being a Part of All That Is

Greetings friends, There is so much happening in the expanding world of Ananda right now, one can tune into all the energy and enthusiasm or get a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep track of it all. Illustration for affirmation, “God is Everywhere, Within Me and Around Me.” Everyone connected to Ananda, at every level, is sharing light through the … Read More

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Guru Night in Portland

Guru night is a devotional event that takes place annually at summer’s end. Ananda Portland has the tradition of having the festivities outside, and despite our reputation for rain, there has been only one Guru Night that had to be moved due to the weather. It is a night of pilgrimage; a rare opportunity to visit holy shrines dedicated to … Read More

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Short and Sweet

In my last post, I promised this one to be short and sweet. I have had many experiences since coming to Ananda that I would describe as sweet. But the sweetness I’m feeling lately is the awareness that the outward complexity of the spiritual path is an illusion. All the seeming separate pieces of life are melting together and becoming … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Divine Love, Spiritual Community, Spiritual Growth, Travel and Pilgrimage

Living Discipleship

Lorna with the fellow trainees Once we are sincerely seeking God, and the longing for truth becomes stronger than the call of the material world, God sends a guru. When we feel that we can give our life to the spiritual path and the guidance of the guru, we become a disciple. When we become a disciple, life may change … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Spiritual Growth

One Thing

First, I’ll tell you about the play. At the Portland Living Wisdom School, the primary class (first, second and third grade) performed “Frog’s Dream”, a musical play set in the rainforest. I co-teach the class and my job was to sit on the sidelines and hit the play/pause button on the CD player at the right time. The frog’s dream … Read More

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Discovering Where Happiness Lies

One of the main challenges facing teens and young adults today is resisting the message that happiness can be found outside of oneself—in money, material possessions, fame, popularity, or other worldly achievements. There is so much suffering because of that idea.

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Victory in the Moments

I lost the battle last night. Yogananda said that life is a “battle for joy” – and I lose more often than I like to admit. When you find a true teaching, a true guru, and a spiritual family who reflect and support your ideals, it is a major victory, and life seems infinitely more doable. But the real work … Read More

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God Is the Doer

A few days ago I got into the car at 5:30am to begin my day of activities. There was a meditation, a meeting, then school and then work at the temple waiting for me. It was dark and cold and my family was still sleeping in the house. The car wouldn’t start. I woke my saintly husband and we problem … Read More

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Becoming a Minister

This week I became an Ananda minister. I’ve played the role of assistant minister for some time so this step was a natural one, but I still found myself a bit surprised. Ananda doesn’t have a seminary or a list of requirements that must be met before one can serve as a minister. There is no diploma that is issued, … Read More

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Education for Life

Do you feel joy when using your physical skills to learn and grow and experience life? Perhaps you lead with your heart and feel most alive when you are in a beautiful natural setting, or caring for animals or babies. Maybe you live for a challenge – such as tackling a new project, or raising money for a cause or … Read More