Maria McSweeney came to Ananda in 1976 and worked on the Ananda Farm. In 1986, Swami Kriyananda asked Maria and her husband Ananta to direct the Ananda community in Sacramento, where they served for 23 years as ministers and community managers. In 2009, Maria and Ananta were asked to return to Ananda Farm at Ananda Village to restore it to organic production.

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Music for Meditation

Dear Gautam, Music is a powerful vibration that influences us on many levels. If you find it helpful to use it in this way this is fine. When meditating one wants to work towards concentrating deeply: at first on the ... Read More

Getting a Fresh Start (After Divorce)

Dear Winnie, It is true that “like attracts like.” The area you have grown up in and lived in has molded you to a certain extent and shaped your perspectives and interests. You have some commonality with those who have ... Read More

Dealing with Stress and Losing Hope

Dear Truthseeker, In what you have written you have indicated your effort to tune in with the Masters and that you have found benefit. Cling to this. They are present. To what extent will you be there for them? How ... Read More

How Can I Know Whether I Am on the Right Path?

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your sincerity. You mention the key to this all: your intuition. Keep listening in your heart while directing your prayer from the point between the eyebrows. Ask Jesus to reveal to you the path you ... Read More

Restoring Self-Confidence

This is something almost all people have to deal with at some point in their lives. When we realize that our self-confidence is lost, it is important to rebuild it right away. I think you would enjoy reading How to ... Read More

Why Concentrate at the Spiritual Eye?

Dear Rahul, Meditating upon the image of the spiritual eye is very helpful for a number of reasons. This is the image that can actually be seen when we become still and relaxed and focused. It is not an experience ... Read More

In Wakefulness and in Sleep: God, God, God

Thank you for being dedicated to a practice which helps you spiritually. You might lose consciousness of your actions in your sleep, but your soul is ever aware. Prior to going to sleep, offer the day’s events and activity to ... Read More

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