How to Find (More) Time to Meditate

We have busy lives and it can be hard to find the time even for important things. Call it self-care (or Self-care?), putting God first, or anything else — we each have a need for deeper inner peace, and it is one all-too-easily neglected. With a pre-schooler, and a second baby on the way, this is something I think about … Read More

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Stay Close to the Saints and Masters

Nayaswami Ananta shares another important advice during his inspiring Sunday Service at Ananda Village, April 5th 2020. Who Is This Son of Man?

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How to Use Your Smartphone for Spiritual Growth

We’ve gotten over the excitement of technology — now it’s time to grow beyond the rejection of it and use it to help us spiritually.

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People Love the Ananda Meditation App

Nabha shares about the free Ananda Meditation App, which features guided meditations and techniques for IOS and Android, based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. – Start a new practice or inspire your current one – Learn techniques, ancient and new – Inspire your practice with guided meditations by experienced meditators – Use a timer to help you focus … Read More

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Group Discussion: What’s Your Meditation Story?

My path to becoming a daily meditator was a bumpy one. (In fact, it still is! — see How to Meditate with a Newborn Baby.) There are struggles we all have to face, and we all do it our own unique way. So I have a question for you: How did you start meditating? What have been your successes? What … Read More

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Dana Lynne Andersen: Autobiography of a Yogi, Timeless Inspiration for My Life

Dana Lynne Andersen, renowned artist and founder of Awakening Arts Academy has been deeply inspired in her spiritual and artistic life by Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.” “Hello! I’m Dana Lynn Andersen and I’m an artist and I’m also the founding director of the Awakening Arts Academy and it’s a place where we work as a vehicle for consciousness and … Read More

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The Christmas Mystery

We wish you Happy Christmas from Ananda with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, “The Christmas Mystery”. Many blessings! The Christmas Mystery Long ago there was a little shed. There three mighty kings did bow their heads To a gentle babe of low degree, Whom men called the son of Mary. Who’ll tell to me this mystery: How a tiny … Read More