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The Imitation of Christ – Thomas à Kempis

Paramhansa Yogananda, referred to Thomas à Kempis as a very great saint and highly recommended his book to others saying,  It is no mere imitation of Christ. It is Christ. Thomas a Kempis was a 15th-century German monk, scholar, and mystic whose whole life was dedicated to inner communion with Christ. At age 19, he joined the Augustinian order where … Read More

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What Is Superconsciousness?

Superconsciousness is the hidden mechanism at work behind intuition, spiritual and physical healing, and successful problem solving. Everyone has the potential to experience superconsciousness, but in most people it lies dormant.

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Thomas Edison: Pioneer of the Age of Invention

Thomas Edison was one of the foremost inventors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Not only did he play a key role in ushering in the modern age of electricity, he also laid the groundwork for many of the technological innovations that modernized the world. In the process, he also created the first modern industrial research laboratory.

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Thomas à Kempis: In the Footsteps of Christ (1379-1471)

At age thirty-five, Thomas à Kempis began writing “The Imitation of Christ”, one of the most popular and influential Christian works of all time, second only to the Bible. Paramhansa Yogananda recommended this book “unreservedly” saying, “It is a wonderful book. It is no mere imitation of Christ: It is Christ.”

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The Amazing Life of Therese Neumann

Millions of people saw the stigmata and witnessed Therese’s weekly visions of Christ’s passion and death, among them, Paramhansa Yogananda in 1935. Yogananda later revealed that Therese had been Mary Magdalene in a past life, and for this reason, was blessed with Christ’s wounds and the weekly visions.

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Frank Laubach’s Inner Journey

Frank Laubach was a Christian mystic who believed that practicing the presence of God would do more good for humanity than political and diplomatic schemes devoid of God.

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Bernadette of Lourdes: Image of the Divine

Bernadette Soubirous emerged as a visionary at a time of growing nineteenth century religious skepticism. Many believed that the new scientific age would sweep away religion “like cobwebs in a musty closet.”

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You Too Can Memorize Yogananda’s Poem, Samadhi

One morning during meditation, thought came to me very strongly that I should memorize Yogananda’s poem Samadhi. My initial reaction was, “I could never do that!”

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Albert Einstein—Herald of a New Age

Though not considered a child prodigy, the notion that Einstein was slow, retarded or mentally challenged is unfounded.

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Padre Pio and the “Way of the Cross”

People from all walks of life have testified that it was not Padre Pio’s miracles but his Christ-like presence and deep devotion to God that changed their lives.