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Spiritualizing Relationships

Prayers for True and Lasting Love

Affirmation to Attract the Right Life Partner To help us attract a true soul partnership, Paramhansa Yogananda offered the following prayer, to be said daily after meditation: Heavenly Father, bless me that I choose my life companion according to Thy law of perfect soul union. If said faithfully and with deep concentration for six months, you will magnetize your soul … Read More

Yoga Philosophy

Ram Proshad’s Vision of Kali

Ram Proshad, a great poet-saint of the seventeenth century, worshiped Kali also. One day he was mending a fence on his property, when his daughter came and helped him. He’d been singing. His daughter asked him, “To whom are you singing, Daddy?” “I am singing to my Divine Mother Kali. But She’s very naughty! Though I often sing to Her, … Read More

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Moments of Truth by Paramhansa Yogananda

Our eagerness for worldly activity kills in us the sense of spiritual awe. It has been said that the continuation of the species is due to man’s being forgiving. Forgiveness is holiness; by forgiveness the universe is held together. Small yearnings are openings in the reservoir of your inner peace, permitting healing waters to be wasted in the desert soil … Read More

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If Jesus Were Preaching Today

If Jesus were preaching today to an American audience, his message would not be, “Sell all ye have and give to the poor” or “Take no heed for the morrow, what ye shall eat, what ye shall put on.” These and other beautiful sayings of Jesus could not be strictly applied in the West today. These teachings were applicable to … Read More

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How a Saint Converted a Thief

Tulsidas realized that this “gentleman” was really a thief. But he also realized that his fear of losing the gold utensils had attracted the prophet Rama to materialize and lovingly guard the temple treasures for him.

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Awaken Your True Potential

To kill hope and become despondent is to put on an animal mask of limitation and to hide your divine identity of almightiness. Instead, always hope for the highest and the best. Hope is born from the intuitive knowing of the soul that eventually we will remember the forgotten image of God within us.

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Godly Qualities: A Roadmap to Inner Freedom

The ways of God are ever rooted in godliness. God may on occasion be a “refining fire,” destroying evil and restoring virtue to its proper place in order to bring back a balance again to the affairs of the world, but His vengeance is never motivated by wrath, hatred, or vindictiveness.

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The Importance of Relaxation

Hold to the great calmness you feel during and after this practice. Cling to that peace as long as possible.