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Cooperative Healing—Devotees and Their Health Care

As devotees, we always need to keep in mind that God-realization is our highest priority. And God may want us to work with our health in a way that differs from our personal inclinations.

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Science Catches Up with Ancient Yoga

People are no longer content to hear, “Heaven will come after you die.” People want to do something right now that will make them better people. And science is confirming that you can do things that will make you a better human being. In the process, science is also corroborating some of the fundamental teachings of yoga.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality and Science

Putting God First: A Physician’s Journey

As devotees, the pitfall is to decide that we have only so much energy—and no more. Just when I think I’ve done everything I can do, Divine Mother often says, “But there’s so much more you can do,” and then shows me that’s true.

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Embracing Life’s Challenges

I was reflecting on how it had been such an unusually stressful afternoon that I could have easily keeled over with a heart attack. Yet I knew my current job was exactly what God wanted of me. I had hung in there and seen to it that each patient received the proper treatment. As much as possible, I had acted with the sense that God was the Doer. That was a victory.

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Pretend You Are a Saint

I recall a time when I felt like I was being crushed by a certain experience. Then it suddenly occurred to me, “Well, what did you expect? As a devotee, you’ve ‘signed on’ to go through this process, and others like it, to become more spiritual and of course it’s going to be challenging.”

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Have the Courage of Your Convictions

The main obstacles to changing ourselves come from within.The mind has a wonderful way of tricking us into doing what is not in our best interest spiritually.

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The Science of Happiness: What Makes People Happy?

Over the last two decades, scientists have done considerable research on what makes people happy. These studies have yielded interesting results.

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Are We “Meat That Thinks” or Potential Saints?

Yogananda described the brain and central nervous system as a window onto the superconscious mind. When we meditate deeply, this opens a pathway to superconsciousness.

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Your Brain: Highway to the Infinite

In the last twenty-five years, scientific thought has come full circle in its understanding of the brain and its potential for change. We now understand that the brain and the central nervous system are among the most changeable organs in the body.

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Engineered for Divinity

In the early 1970’s, as a young researcher out of college, I was involved in one of the first scientific studies done on meditation. We were trying to answer the basic question: is meditation different from sleep?