Nayaswami Premdas is online instructor for Art and Science of Raja Yoga and Course on Discipleship. He is an Ananda Lightbearer-Minister and has been teaching meditation and yoga for many years. A resident of Ananda Village, he served a decade as the Head Chef and Culinary Instructor at Ananda’s The Expanding Light Retreat. He is known for his joy, devotion and hospitality.

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Is Anger Always Caused by Desire?

Dear One, In the situations you mention, think about the individual that is in anger. Are they not suffering and acting violent because their expectations were not being realized? This lack of living in contentment with what is (santosha), results ... Read More

How to Learn More About Ananda

Dear Candie, The best way to know more about the teachings we at Ananda share and live is to follow the tried and true progressive course lessons of our Ananda Course in Self-Realization. As you’ve already discovered by visiting our ... Read More

Is God Realization Luxurious?

Dear Bakari, Sometimes life circumstances are hard for us as they provoke a reaction, karmic in nature. Circumstances are neutral, Yogananda said. Our reaction to them is due to memories in our energy fields that we associate with who we ... Read More

How To Deal with Evil

Dear Rohit, Your questions are timeless, long confounding scholars and philosophers, and unanswered, has perpetuated discord, misery and suffering throughout mankind’s history. However when the answer is perceived correctly with wisdom, it elevates the seeker into greater light and peace, ... Read More

What is the Purpose of Tensing & Relaxing During the Energization Exercises?

Dear Chitti, There are many reasons for the practice of Energization Exercises as created by our Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. The main purpose of these unique rechargers, this specific pranayam application, is to prepare the body and nervous system for deeper ... Read More

Feeling Sensations in the Spine and Spiritual Eye during Meditation

Dear PS, In answer to your first question, consider this sensation at your spiritual eye to be a blessing and a “re-minder” for you in remembering your connection to God and Gurus. Although many have not had this experience, it ... Read More

“I Have Become Very Bitter in Life”

Dear Shweta, You mention the word “bitterness” twice as well as referring to disappointments regarding disloyalty and pain given by those close to you. You have recognized the cost to you in taking on and absorbing their energies, whether they ... Read More

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