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I was frustrated. A friend who’s a nutritionist had told me about two separate dietary systems, each of which appeared to be valid, yet they appeared to be in conflict. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of both, but I couldn’t imagine how to combine them. I went for a run and silently shared my frustration with God. Shy of … Read More

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Banking on God: Our Most Reliable Financial Resource

My six-year test showed me that all the money in creation is contained entirely within Divine Mother’s purse. Abundance, I realized, comes by opening ourselves to its only source, in God, through our love and service to Him.

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Learning to Love

How can we love? I’m grateful to Swami Kriyananda for helping me deepen my understanding of this essential point of the spiritual path. For years, after I moved to Ananda in 1976, I felt painfully self-conscious at group gatherings. I wanted to fit in, but I didn’t know how. The place where I felt most uncomfortable was at “Swamiji’s” – … Read More

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Finding Meaning at an Early Age

When I first read “Education for Life,” by Swami Kriyananda, I recognized the principles in this book as the “cure” for the ills of our society.

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Fitness Intuition: The Wisdom of the Heart

The heart generates the most powerful vibrations in the body – it sends out electrical signals roughly 60 times as strong as those emitted by the brain.

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A Dance of Devotion: The Energization Exercises *

What do you really want from the Energization Exercises? Energy? Vitality? These things by themselves, aren’t really all that satisfying. What we truly want is: energy, vitality, calmness and a sense of inner contact with God.