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The Soul’s Evolution

Dear Sharon, To be honest I don’t know the answer to your question. When we are liberated and live in realization of ourselves as spirit we will know all. What Master has said is that rocks or perhaps mountains have ... Read More

Help with Friendship

Dear one, Our dear Swami Kriyananda, aka J. Donald Walters, wrote a wonderful little booklet called Secrets of Friendship. My suggestions here are based on those “Secrets”. First of all you must be a friend. You can do this by ... Read More

Advice About Divorce

Dear Teresa, I am sorry that I cannot predict the future. The clarity you are seeking will come from direct communication with your husband. Ask him what he wants and then share with him what you want. Look for possible ... Read More


Dear Jerma, I’m sorry to hear of the turbulence in your relationship, it must be very painful for you. You ask about lovingly providing proof to your fiance. If you have proof, then both of you know the truth. If ... Read More

What is the Point of Prayer?

Dear Jon, I don’t know where you are quoting Yogananda from, but I do know this; what you deserve is freedom in God. We all do, and Yogananda wanted us all to know this truth. Surely we all have Karma ... Read More

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Dear Kris, The first thing to realize is that all thought is universally not individually rooted. So the good news is that you are not your thoughts. One of the most important things you can do is keep good company. ... Read More

Which Form to Worship God?

Dear friend, I would suggest that when you sit to meditate that you focus on your heart center. Perhaps your mantra could be “How shall I love thee”? There is a beautiful chant by Swami Kriyananda that asks “How shall ... Read More

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