What interesting times we are living in! Whoever thought we’d see something like this in our lifetime — like the plot of a movie.

A mix of fear, combined with a great awareness of the need for a change in our lifestyle, is sweeping through all beings and nations.

The buzz-word right now seems to be “social distancing” — not the most ideal phrase.

A better word would be seclusion or introspection. It’s what is being asked of us, to look within and strengthen our connection to higher realities. And rather than it be an imposition, let us consciously choose this, and see what can we do during this time?

Here are 7 practices to stay healthy, strengthen your aura and turn this unfortunate event into a blessing:

1. Be careful what you read, because it will influence your mind greatly. Don’t allow fear to paralyse your ability to emanate positive vibrations. Use an affirmation to change your inner frequency. That will infuse you, and the world, with more uplifted and positive thoughts. Yogananda gave this beautiful affirmation: “God’s power, vitality, good health and strength, flow through me, flow through me, flow through me.”

Repeat this affirmation several times throughout the day. Make these words your japa, your mantra. Whether you chant them loudly, quietly or mentally; keep them reverberating in your mind throughout this week.

2. It’s essential right now to stay healthy. Be more conscious and aware of what you eat — fresh, organic, raw foods will boost your immunity. A good time to exercise more regularly. Introduce a 30-minute yoga practice to release tension from the body and learn a simple pranayama to strengthen your lungs, bring more oxygen into your body, release toxins and calm your mind.

3. Swami Kriyananda gave this specific technique to protect yourself whenever you find yourself in an environment of low vibrations. This technique helps to create a force-field of Light around you:

Place your hands out in front of you, palms together, a little below your waistline. Then move (encircle) them in the air around your body, touching the palms together again, this time behind you; circling them back again to the first position. Repeat this motion several times, saying quietly or mentally, “AUM, Tat, Sat; AUM, Tat, Sat; AUM, Tat, Sat; AUM, Tat, Sat!” Visualize yourself completely surrounded and protected by Divine Light. The meaning of these words are, “God in the aspects of creator or Divine Mother, God within creation, and God beyond creation.”

4. Yogananda gave this technique to remove the feelings of fear from the heart:

Put your hand over your heart, next to the skin. Rub from left to right and repeat, “Heavenly Father, I am free. Remove this fear from my heart.” Do this for 5 minutes. If you continuously rub the heart from left to right and concentrate on the thought that you are taking away the feeling of fear from your heart, it will go; and the joy of God will be perceived. Then at night, before sleep say, “The Heavenly Father is with me; I am protected.” Then chant “Om” 3 times and you will feel His wonderful protection.

5. Yogananda also gave a set of 39 exercises, called the Energization Exercises that: repels away any disease; helps to form billions of new cells

within the body; it reinforces our immune system; It brings harmony and an instant sense of overall well-being. It recharges our body with cosmic energy. It energizes each body part, invigorating it, making it stronger and healthier.
Like Captain America using his magic shield against the guns of evil. In this particular case, these exercises are our protective shield! ? (Watch this video of Tyagi Shurjo guiding the exercises)

6. Pray for other people and for the world. The healing prayers you send others will naturally flow through you and heal you as well. Project outwardly rays of peace and harmony all around, so we can give Mother Earth a different message. A message, especially, of gratitude for her loving sustenance for all these millennia. I’ve heard Swami Kriyananda saying, “substitute fear by thanksgiving”. Inwardly chant Aum as you share these prayers. We are certainly praying for all of you!

7. And most important of all: MEDITATE, daily. Get back to the essence of who you are: infinite joy; perfect peace; unconditional love; made in the image of God. Without that, there isn’t enough power in our words and thoughts. The power to practice the above techniques must come from God, and for that we need to communing with that power daily.

Throughout this week, Shurjo and I will be practicing these techniques, affirmations, prayers and guided meditation, LIVE on Facebook (Ananda Mumbai), for everyone who feels inspired to join us.

This is a great opportunity to unite our efforts and make, once and for all, a real change in this world. First, by changing ourselves, and then by inspiring others to do the same.


  1. Thank you for providing these 8 tools to raise consciousness

  2. I have tears in my eyes as I send this . I was introduced to Paramahansa Yogananda in 1977. It is now 2020. I got lost 30yrs ago from his teachings although I had all of his books and photos I remained lost. Within this last year I kept fumbling on his materials again but I ignored them, finally I thought he was trying to tell me something. I started meditation again after all these years and follow you on F.B.. There are no words large enough to Thank You for his ongoing teachings. Once again he was here for me. I love you all and I love my Master.

  3. These are great, and also am sharing. Thank you so much!

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