Dear Ones,

Thank you for your prayers. We can feel them protecting and guiding us at this very challenging time in India. The situation is dire — hospital and government systems have broken down and it’s shocking to see how many are getting Covid or have lost someone near and dear to them. Only 2% of the population here are vaccinated.

I’m sure you’ve followed the news and have heard about the unbelievable conditions at hospitals — no bed space, people sharing beds, no oxygen, and people lined up with loved ones to get help. Several people told me they had to arrange for their own oxygen to get into a hospital as the hospital had run out. There’s a shortage of space and wood at crematories. Some have to find their own wood. Today I heard there was also an ambulance strike in Gurgaon.

There must be a deeper reason behind so much suffering. India seems to be going through a time of great purification.

Within the Sangha, the center leaders are holding strong. But many members either have had Covid, have it now, or have relatives who have it or who have passed away. There is surely “weeping in every home.”

We hold the Astral Ascension Ceremonies for groups of people at a time who have passed away. Within a week’s time, we did the ceremony for 36 people who we know of — usually close relatives of members (fathers, mothers, grandparents). Also a dear brother, and kriyaban who was serving our Brindaban work — Amlan DasGupta — passed away last weekend from Covid, as did other dear gurubhais.

In the midst of hopelessness Master’s and Swamiji’s words, music and techniques are bringing light into India. People are turning to Ananda for answers, strength, prayers, and counseling. One touching example of this is a gurubhai who lost his son and father within the same month (the son from leukemia and the father from Covid) is now offering bereavement counseling for others in need. Everyone is doing what they can and serving heroically.

People can access a Prayers for India website which includes Swamiji’s music, talks, chanting, links to the prayer sessions, yoga sessions, a doctor’s weekly covid update, and a Request for Help form.

I think these testimonials say how much people appreciate all that Ananda has to offer at this challenging time:

From someone who needed prayers for a relative:

“Thanks so much for considering my request. There is good news. My sister was on a ventilator and after sending a request for healing she came out from that critical condition in a magical way. Thanks to the Almighty and all of you.”

Someone appreciative of the website:

“I’m in deep gratitude to Ananda for creating the new web portal. I am so happy to have access to Swamiji’s talks and songs right now. I’m in tears of gratitude as they come to me at this time when I really need them to anchor my life. I’m crying even now as I listen to ‘O Master’.”

Thank you for your continued prayers, love, and support. We’ll keep you posted.

In Master,


  1. My prayers are with you every day! May Master’s love see us through this test.

  2. A number of my online meditation students in India have COVID along with their families. In addition to the meditation lessons, we have opened the door for Master’s healing techniques and prayers. One of my students, a doctor with COVID, wrote the other day to say “The prayers are working!” He’s now recovering.
    This is certainly a time for unity and compassion, and I see it in those dear souls who are reaching out. Ananda has become a great source of comfort at this time.
    Dhyana and team, thank you for all you do for so many!

  3. I join you all in praying that God, Gurus, and Divine Mother send their healing vibrations and loving comfort to all our gurubhais and families in India. May these tests bring us all closer to God and gurus — as we cling ever more to Their grace and guidance.
    Blessings and joy to you all,

  4. Ànanda Moi Ma’s sweet voice sings out the lighthouse chants, what lightening flash Mother? Maybe we will feel Ma’s Love for All and that will become the new normal for more and more. Either way, I’m not letting go of Her hand !!!

  5. You are all absolute heroes. Our thoughts, love and prayers are with you.

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