the-chapel-at-crystal-hermitage-sm.jpgHi Everyone,
crystal-hermitage-4-15_22.jpgKerry Mair, one the the folks responsible for the beauty of Crystal Hermitagecrystal-hermitage-4-15_26.jpgIt has been a wonderful and awe-inspiring week. I live out here on the West Coast and woke up Saturday morning feeling like something good was happening. It was the morning that Swamiji gave his heart-opening and soul stirring talk in Rome.crystal-hermitage-4-15_9.jpg I think everyone here at Ananda Village felt a calm sense of rightness in the ether. We all heard Swamiji was very happy with the evening and crystal-hermitage-4-15_12.jpgall the preparation. There have been several wonderful written accounts posted on this blog site. Hopefully you will see some of the amazing photos taken by Andrea Roach.
While things were awesome in Rome, over here the bloom cycle of the tulips, crabapple trees and cherry trees were incredible. Perhaps they were responding to all the great energy in the universe. What ever it was we were treated with spectacular show of color.

Crystal Hermitage was featured in our local paper and one Saturday the Crystal Hermitage staff hosted two-hundred visitors from the near-by towns. Eighty of those people stayed to eat lunch at The Expanding Light. It sounded like every one there had a good time, looking at gorgeous gardens and eating in a restful rejuvenating environment.



The Expanding Light staff and saintly volunteers have recently been beautifying our lovely retreat center. The efforts started with a group of talented devotees led by our local Vastu expert Mandala Skillman. Patrick on scaffolding
I talked with Mandala one day and learned about the level of her committment in enhancing the vibrations of The Expanding Light.
For years we have mostly had off white walls: paul.jpgnothing wrong with it, but with Mandala skills she

Mandala Skillman

Mandala takes a quick break to pose for my camera. She is the brains and heart behind The Expanding Light color improvements.

artfully picked colors that would be uplifting and calm and enhance the harmony of the inside colors with the outside view. She seemed to have a small army of dedicated souls that put up an amazing array of scaffolding and then caulked all the cracks, and painted

The fireplace in The Expanding Light dining room

Test colors are painted on either side of the rock wall

the ceilings. The finished product is lovely! It is soothing and uplifting, warm and inviting. Well Done.

The Expanding Light dining room looking out at Guest Services

The colors here will harmonize with the colors outdoors and with the Guest Services building that you can see through the window

The Expanding Light Temple was also painted, it is beautiful and elegant. I hope to share with you soon a photo of that room. There have been several workdays at The Expanding Light, it will soon be iris season. I hear big rumors of work being done on the amphitheater. I will try to check in on that project.


Come Join Us!

This is a big year. One where we have already seen Swamiji’s beautiful talk in Rome reach out to so many. Other great events are still to come: Swamiji’s birthday at the beautiful Crystal Hermitage, Large public events in Palo Alto, smaller events in LA in July, Ananda’s 40th anniversary celebrations in August and the deeply moving celebration of Swamiji’s 60th year of discipleship. Whew, what a summer.

We should all be praying for each other and especially Swamiji. I pray that Swamiji continues to be in bliss, that he arrive and enjoy his stay in the US with great health and vitality. I pray that you all are happy, healthy, feel bliss and that I see you at one of these events.
Bless you all.