Ananda Mexico is in the process of buying a 30-acre property that they will be turning into a retreat and community. It’s about an hour from two international airports and is right next to Estado de Querétaro, which is one of the safest and most progressive states in Mexico. See pictures of the new property


  1. Hi, I am moving to Mexico from UK next week onwards
    & am looking for some community based involvement if possible

    Let me know if you need a hand with anything/if I can come along to be involved in any way.

    Thanks a lot, Danny

    1. Hi, Danny. We’re looking into whether this land project is still current. At the Find Ananda page you can see a listing for the Santa Fe meditation group and its contact info. It will be great if you can connect, and we look forward to seeing you in CA sometime! Blessings with your move!

      1. Danny, it’d likely be best for you to reach out to the Santa Fe meditation group’s contact (apparently this is up to date) to inquire about the land.

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