I have always wanted to know the exact date that I would become Self-realized just as we would all love to know the exact date the coronavirus lockdown is going to go away.

This made me come up with a delightful analogy:

If we think of Self-realization as the ending of the BIG lockdown — the soul being locked up in ego-consciousness — then there is an exact correspondence between the advice of the Great Ones for ending the BIG lockdown, and the advice of the medical experts for ending the coronavirus lockdown:

The spiritual experts (the Masters) are unanimous in answering the question, “When will the BIG lockdown end?” in the following way. The Masters –

  • DO NOT tell us the exact date when the BIG lockdown will end — the guru seldom tells the disciple in advance the exact date of Self-realization! In fact, Paramhansa Yogananda and Lahiri Mahasaya weren’t told until the last moment!
  • DO say that the ending of the BIG lockdown is inevitable — Self-realization is our destiny and it cannot be avoided.
  • DO say that we can end the BIG lockdown sooner if we follow their guidelines, but we can delay it for a really long time if we don’t — How soon we become Self-realized is determined by our efforts.

The medical experts are also unanimous in answering the question, “When will the coronavirus lockdown end?” in the same way. The medical experts –

  • DO NOT give us an exact date when the lockdown will end — not a single medical expert has so far given an exact date for a return to normalcy.
  • DO say with 100% certainty that the ending of the lockdown and a return to normalcy is inevitable — the lockdown cannot go on forever, as recovery from past pandemics show.
  • DO say that with 100% certainty that the lockdown will end sooner if we follow their guidelines, but we can delay the end for a really long time if we don’t.

It seems that there are many kinds of journeys in life.

On one end of the spectrum is the kind of journey where you know in advance the exact time you will arrive at the destination. On the other is the kind of journey where you do not know if you will ever arrive at the destination.

Somewhere in between these two extremes is a category to which both of these lockdowns seem to belong – where the successful arrival at the destination is guaranteed but the timing of the arrival is held in suspense until the final moment. Yet we can hasten the arrival of the destination’s final moment through our own diligent efforts.

I sometimes wish God had not made life have so many twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sorrows. If life were like playing a video game, I would want the “player difficulty level” to be set at medium or low, rather than difficult or super-difficult or, as it currently seems to be set for many people, at the seriously-you-gotta-be-kidding-me level.

I am, however, glad that the dice are loaded — a victory at the end is guaranteed, not only for me but for everybody! I am also glad that the Great Ones come to help us navigate this journey in the shortest time possible, and give us the strength and their company when we need it the most.

In summary, I raise my cup of chai in a toast to the Master Writer of this suspenseful novel called Life. As they say in the South —  Bless Your heart!


  1. Your analogies with real life situations are so adorable :). Thank you. And it made me laughingly remember the video game difficulty levels, no one finished the games sooner (with no fixed end time though), at hard or impossible levels. And then you have 3 lives for restarts in those games, here you have infinite lives for restarts :)

  2. This is such a delightful joyous write-up, feels light-hearted but immediately thoughtful! This is a wonderful addition to your repertoire of feelings, a new fragrance. Thank you :)

  3. Beautiful Sagar! Serious and funny at the same time! Thank you for this insight. Blessings and joy to you and all!

  4. Thank you Sagar, this really puts it into perspective. Light, but with an underlying truth. Thank you for shaing.
    Bless you,

  5. blank

    Thank you, Sagar, for holding up the truth in both of our current situations, both the Big Lockdown and the smaller one we are currently experiencing. It is up to us how soon each will end.

  6. I like the way you have brought both questioning and search for answers we have in us

    There are many questioning getting raised the question itself is an answer if we look at it.
    If I am in want of a thing is my efforts and passion in that direction
    Incase everyone of us feel the lockdown is difficult we will first stop asking the question to others ask to myself.
    My question to me is what actions am I taking?
    when my actions are in line with the ending of the pandemic. what is the fear I m feeding to the world collective consciousness. you may ask if only few awakened people add good things will it impact yes here is the place we can answer the 2nd question
    When will I be self realized if so my action is a person like Gandhi; buddha if an individual changed the thinking of people to make big changes in people like its time we use our individual consciousness and the group we have to create miracle and align peoples thought.

    Let’s together say This Pandemic has taught lessons to us we all humans will take action from this moment to End Pandemic bring back Abundance of Love to the Earth.

    Love you all

    JAI Guru

  7. Very insightfull.
    I pray that all of us are successfull and enjoy our journeys through divine grace.

  8. Wonderful Insight Sagar! Thanks for Sharing your message…

  9. Thank you, Sagar. A delightful read and a beautiful analogy!

  10. Thank you, Sagar, for sharing your views so refreshingly clearly and with humour and intelligence!

  11. Yes, This is how Enlightenment is feeling to me. A glimmer of Bliss when Meditation has gone well. Finally at this time in Life, I “Sit” to Meditate often each day.
    Love and Light.

  12. Well done, Sagar! Thank you for your insights, delivered with a delightful wit and reassuring tone. Blessings…

  13. Thank you for sharing. It is so simple, yet our ego and the circumstances we surround ourselves keep our attention off the ultimate goal. And time goes by. I appreciate your efforts to keep our awareness on the goal.

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