They Have Heard Thy Name—When
feeling forsaken by friends, fortune or health.

Thou Art My Life—To sweeten a sour disposition.

Divine Gypsy—When feeling enslaved
by any habit or person.

I Will Be Thine Always—For bereavement,
loss or parting of friends.

In the Temple of Silence—When feeling
worried or angered.

Where Is There Love? —When feeling
forsaken or disillusioned by earthly

My Soul Is Marching On—To banish
fear, failure or discouragement.

No Birth, No Death—For overcoming
religious, racial or social prejudice.

Desire, My Great Enemy—To conquer
material desires.

From This Sleep, Lord—For overcoming
fear of death.

Deliver Us From Delusion—For freedom
from ignorance, sickness or

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