bathing-in-waterfallThe creative or sexual impulse is one of the strongest instincts implanted in the human body by Nature. This impulse has a two-fold purpose. Directed toward the nerves in the sex region, it seeks to help the propagation of the species.

Redirected to the point between the eyebrows, the creative force awakens one’s powers of spiritual perception and bestows the ability to create spiritual or material works of genius. The evanescent excitement in physical communion is nothing compared to the bliss that follows from directing the creative impulse into the brain region.

Why control the creative force?

The creative instinct is Nature’s means of creation and should not be converted into a play with the senses. The more one indulges in sex life, the more the intelligence and life force go downward into the sex nerves and compel the soul to live on the sex plane.

Physical desires can never be appeased, and over-indulgence is destructive to health, especially the nervous system. It is also destructive to the spiritual life, causing a person to experience increasing disharmony and unhappiness.

Follow the path of moderation

In marriage, human love can never last unless its overriding purpose is to express divine love. Sex, intellectuality, beauty, money, culture, or personal magnetism cannot hold a marriage together. Today nearly all marriages are preceded by only a little love, with passion predominating. In such cases, sex takes the place of love, and true love, which is unconditional, quickly slips away from the heart.

The ratio between love and physical indulgence is this: the greater the love the less the physical craving; the greater the physical indulgence, the less the love.  As love increases and physical consciousness decreases, human love evolves into divine love. Both souls then realize that it was always God they loved through the illusion of human love.

Self-discipline and moderation in physical relations in married life leads to progressive mastery over the creative impulse. Couples who rise above the physical plane and continuously strengthen the love of their souls reach the point where they express divine love in every aspect of their lives.

Attracting a spiritual mate
You cannot attract a spiritual soul through animal magnetism. Souls who have not spiritualized their creative impulses draw unto themselves wrong mates.

If you attract a person by spiritual magnetism, you will meet your soul companion. Unmarried people who never break the law of celibacy create in themselves a powerful spiritual magnetism that draws their proper mate. For women this also means being dressed with the magnetic qualities of sincerity, wisdom, understanding, thoughtfulness, presence of mind, true learning and all-around efficiency.

Unmarried people, in choosing their life companion, should consult their parents and, above all, persons with inner vision. The horoscopes of the couple, if properly applied, can also be helpful.  In India, most marriages are happy, permanent, and highly spiritual because entered into according to these principles.

The spiritual way of avoiding mistakes in choosing the right companion is to affirm deeply after meditation: “Heavenly Father, bless me that I choose my life companion according to Thy law of perfect soul-union.” If you practice this affirmation for six months with deep faith, you will marry your right companion, or the Divine Father will cause sudden unfavorable circumstances, preventing a wrong marriage.

Regaining your spiritual magnetism

Spiritual magnetism, if lost through indiscretion in marriage or in unmarried life, can be regained through meditation and other practices.

First, undesirable physical consciousness must be destroyed in the mind. Do not feed your creative instinct with degrading thoughts. Avoid anything that stimulates the creative impulse through the sense of sight, touch, or by discussing undesirable stories.

Diet is also important. Eat more raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, and proper substitutes for meat. Eat little or no meat. Using the creative energy in sports or strenuous physical exercise is very helpful.

Transmuting the creative impulse

During sex excitement, the best way to transmute sex impulses is to inhale and exhale deeply. Inhaling and exhaling withdraws energy from all parts of the body, especially the sex region, and concentrates it in the heart and lungs.

While inhaling and exhaling, the mind should be kept busy affirming: “I want to transmute sex energy into spiritual energy. I want to turn it God-ward to spiritually create.” Through this affirmation, the brain becomes a spiritual magnet, pulling the transmuted energy from the heart and lungs into the spiritual cerebral reservoir.

Immediately after the sex impulse disappears, one should meditate or read a passage of Scripture. One can also engage the mind in creative, inventive, business, or literary work—whatever you find most absorbing. The more you practice this technique, the more you will transmute the sex impulse and overcome sex temptation.

Having children

Parents who desire a spiritual child must prepare their minds months in advance. Thoughts of inviting a noble soul into the body temple must predominate.

During physical union, the mind should be kept at the point between the eyebrows, directing the holy work of creation. It is important not to allow the mind to become identified with physical passion. The Hindu Scriptures say that during this time, a life current is generated, serving as a doorway.

Thoughts concentrated upon physical pleasure attract sensual souls. The better souls, however, turn away at a distance, preferring to wait rather than accept rebirth in an undesirable place.

When marriage is unnecessary

Marriage is unnecessary for those who are wedded to the ever-intoxicating Bliss-God. That is why Jesus, St. Francis, Swami Shankara, and Babaji were unmarried. They had found perfect love, perfect joy, and a perfect mate in God.

If you cannot find your soul companion, do not marry. It is better to remain single than to enter into a wrong marriage. Through meditation and related techniques, unmarried people can unite the creative force with the soul-force within.

Better than marriage, or ineffectually trying to weld unsuited souls together, is the union of the soul with God. A union with God will bring perfect love and eternal fulfillment, free from the disappointment of human love. Such a union should be the goal of every soul.

From articles and lessons, 1925-1935


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