Be a Warrior for the Light

Seven Practices to Strengthen Yourself in Challenging Times

What interesting times we are living in! Whoever thought we’d see something like this in our lifetime — like the plot of a movie. A mix of fear, combined with a great awareness of the need for a change in our lifestyle, is sweeping through all beings and nations. The buzz-word right now seems to be “social distancing” — not … Read More

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A Time of Unprecedented Opportunity

Today anyone who is truly aware of human directions believes we’re in for very hard times. For devotees, such times present an extraordinary opportunity for service and spiritual growth, greater than any in recorded history.

Be a Warrior for the Light, Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Preparing Children for Troubled Times

The age of the child makes a big difference. Children from 6 to 12 are wide open and very vulnerable emotionally, so at our school we shield them as much as possible from the storms and extremes of life.