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The Almond Cookies

Tyagi Atman shares a humorous story as a great example to demonstrate the truth of a Bhagavad Gita passage during his Sunday Service at Ananda Village.

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At the Center of Life’s Storms I Stand Serene

We thought it would be fun to experiment with timelapse and hyperlapse in Mumbai, a fast paced city with a lot of energy. Only later did we connect the brilliance of Swami Kriyananda’s affirmations as a powerful tool for practicing living from within -regardless of external circumstances. “At the center of life’s storms I stand serene”.

Ask Yogananda

Is it Possible to Prevent War?

There will always be war until people live up to the standards of God, who has no race hatred, no color prejudice, and no political differences. We are all children of God, and we must gather our forces and live up to His ideal. Wars are the result of ignorance. People should be able to settle their differences by spiritual … Read More