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Book Review: Hope for a Better World!

Change begins with the individual, not with grandiose theories that don’t take into account flesh and blood human beings.

Clarity Magazine, Daily Life

Understanding War

The real challenge of our times is the introduction of a more flowing, intuitive kind of consciousness and a greater awakening of Spirit.

Clarity Magazine, Daily Life

Preventing Wars

To defend one’s country against the aggression of another is righteous, but wars settled by brute force do not accomplish any lasting good.

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America’s Good Karma

Yogananda promised that God would watch over America, but He can do so more fully if we cling consciously and lovingly to Him.

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Joan of Arc: Daughter of God (1412-1431)

Jehanne La Pucelle or, Joan of Arc, as she is known, claimed a mandate from God to liberate France from decades of English domination.

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Letters of Encouragement

No prophecy should be accepted in a spirit of helpless acquiescence. The probability of war, for example, can be nullified if there is sufficient activity directed towards harmony and love.

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Book Review–The Promise of Immortality

Swami Kriyananda credits the deep insights expressed in his book to his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda.

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Your Brain: Highway to the Infinite

In the last twenty-five years, scientific thought has come full circle in its understanding of the brain and its potential for change. We now understand that the brain and the central nervous system are among the most changeable organs in the body.