5 Secrets to Sustain a Daily Meditation Practice

I learned to meditate as a child and my parents are lifelong meditators. I began to take my own practice more seriously when I was 20, but it wasn’t until nine years later that I was really meditating every day. It was an uphill battle, but I can say without hesitation that it has changed my life for the better. … Read More

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Guided Meditation for World Peace and Harmony

Nayaswami Devi is one of Ananda’s founding members and its spiritual director together with her husband Nayaswami Jyotish. Peace and Harmony Prayer of Yogananda: Visualize the person in question in the Divine Light and then pray from your heart, “Lord, fill him/her/situation with peace & harmony, peace & harmony.” Repeat this for about a minute. Then visualize yourself in a … Read More

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Guided Meditation on Calmness

Nayaswami Sahaja leads you in a 20-minute guided meditation on developing and experiencing calmness within yourself. She is a longtime meditator and lives at Ananda Village, California.