Beauty of Spring at Crystal Hermitage Gardens

After countless hours spent by the volunteers and staff of Crystal Hermitage, the gardens opened their doors to the public about a month ago. Nevada County’s local newspaper, The Union, featured a wonderful front-page article, titled “Spring glory over the Yuba”, talking about the beauty of the gardens and inviting the public to visit them. After all, I don’t think … Read More

Be restful in your heart.

“Be restful in your heart” is one of the daily sayings from Swami Kriyananda writing in his small book called “Do It Now” Sunset During Seclusion Upon reflection, during this past week’s seclusion, it seemed that as I have been less caught up in daily “to do’s” and requests, I noticed that as the week has progressed, the mind has … Read More

Seclusion Day 1

St Francis pond below our home. As part of our spiritual practice here at Ananda Village, we are urged to take seclusions regularly. Perhaps just a day here and there, and to at least annually take a week-long seclusion, as a balance to all of our busy outward service activities. In fact, employees like me, who work for Ananda Businesses … Read More

The Deer of Ananda Village

Deer grazing above office buildingsA visual tour, with commentary, on the deer of Ananda Village. Includes cute baby deer!

Japanese Embrace Ananda

My wife Anandi and I recently returned from a trip to Japan where we celebrated 20th Anniversary of the Sharing Nature Foundation there. We were thrilled to see its principles wholeheartedly embraced by Japanese society. The Japanese Ministry of Education is launching a new program to use Sharing Nature methods and activities in every elementary school in Japan. Their newly … Read More