God’s Boatman

Last Saturday night we helped lead a Kriya Initiation for two hundred people coming from ten different countries. As you can imagine, a variety of languages were represented in the softly lit temple, made especially beautiful that night for the initiation.

How to Build Inner Power

“There is a hidden strength within me to overcome all obstacles. I will bring forth that indomitable power and energy.” Paramhansa Yogananda shared this formidable thought with us, and gave us tools to accomplish that great goal. Here are five effective ways to build our inner power.

Why Our Plans Go Astray

A wise man once said that in life when things go your way be happy, and if not be happier for they are unfolding as per the divine will. God’s intentions for us are perfectly designed for our spiritual growth. So when our plans go awry, we must remember that there is a good reason for it, and no matter … Read More

We Are Building a Temple of Light

The sun rose an unnatural shade of red-orange in the hazy early morning sky. Though the burning forests and towns were hundreds of miles from Ananda Village, the wind was blowing the smoke in our direction. The air quality was unhealthy and the temperatures were high, but still they came. They were building a temple of light.

What Should I Do?

What should I do? This is the question we hear most frequently. It might take the form of “What should I do about a short temper?” or “What should I do about my mind wandering during meditation?” Simply asking “What should I do?” means that you’re ready to move beyond passivity and engage your willpower. Congratulate yourself whenever you ask … Read More

Leaving the Morgue

As I entered the chemistry lab on the basement floor of the hospital, no one was there to greet me, only racks of dirty test tubes. My part-time job during my last semester in college was to clean the vials after the chemists had left for the day. It wasn’t very interesting work. I usually found myself alone in a … Read More

Feeling inadequate – Stop comparing yourself to others

We feel inadequate when we start comparing ourselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others can detriment our growth instead of helping. We must understand that every person is unique and it’s important to accept oneself for who we are and be happy with it. Nayaswami Jyotish shares a wonderful story to illustrate how our imperfections too can be a blessing.

Everything Balances Out in the End

“But, that’s so unfair!” How many times have you spoken these words, or at least had this thought? I know I often have. Maybe someone else got the praise for something that you did. Or maybe you got the blame for something you didn’t do. It’s hard to resist this thought when we see ruthless, selfish people gaining power over … Read More