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Five Things That Harm the Brain

We live in a culture where eating far too much sugar is very easy to do. Excessive consumption of sugar can cause oxidative stress to the brain, which causes slower thinking and poor concentration and memory.

Clarity Magazine, Spirituality and Science

Near-Death Experiences: A Watershed Moment for Science

When you add to his prolonged coma his well-documented lack of brain function, then Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience, discussed in his book, “Proof of Heaven,” becomes the perfect scenario to illustrate the reality of near-death experiences.

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Meditation Protects You Against Stress and Disease: The Latest Scientific Research

We now have solid scientific research explaining how the biological changes triggered by stress undermine the immune system’s function. There is also recent scientific research which shows that meditation is an important safeguard against stress-related diseases and that it can produce effects equal to standard medications.

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Is There an Epidemic of Depression?

The most promising new treatment is known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), a type of therapy that sends short bursts of highly focused magnetic energy pulses to the areas of the brain affected by depression.

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From Dolphins to Swype: An Inventor’s Journey

There are times when it’s not always clear what is the dharmic thing to do, and trying to see the dharmic way has not always been easy. Over time I have come to know that the best thing I can do is to try to become quiet, to meditate, and try to hear what Master is whispering.

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Addiction, Spirituality, and the Brain

In my opinion there can be no lasting recovery from addiction without a person discovering his or her spiritual path and following it. The natural tendency of the mind is to side with habit, and the natural tendency of habit is to take us back to what we already know.

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Vaastu: The Science of Bringing Spirit into Form

Vaastu is the science of bringing Spirit into physical manifestation in the form of a building. A building designed and constructed according to Vaastu principles becomes “alive” with prana or life force. The building functions much like a radio that can only receive and transmit beneficial energies, and cosmic energy bathes the entire building.

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Evolution vs. Creation: Why Limit the Debate to Western Models?

To understand human origins, a true scientist must not only evaluate the tangible evidence gathered by archeologists and other experts, he must also study consciousness, without which he neglects the most basic human capacity — the ability to think creatively and aspire spiritually.

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Evidence of an Intelligent Creator: The Current Scientific Debate

Scientific knowledge is at the point where we now understand that many physical properties of the universe had to be exactly right for human life to exist. Today there are so many examples of these unique “life-friendly properties” that science can no longer dismiss all of them as mere chance or coincidence.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality and Science

Make God Your Partner: A Physician’s Journey

My Guru guided me into medicine and he has been with me ever since. In my practice I ask for guidance all the time. As long as I remember to ask for help, it comes, and miracles happen.