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The Science of Happiness: What Makes People Happy?

Over the last two decades, scientists have done considerable research on what makes people happy. These studies have yielded interesting results.

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Are We “Meat That Thinks” or Potential Saints?

Yogananda described the brain and central nervous system as a window onto the superconscious mind. When we meditate deeply, this opens a pathway to superconsciousness.

Spirituality and Science

Luther Burbank: An American Saint

Most people today know little of Luther Burbank. Yet during his lifetime his name was a household word.

Daily Life, Spirituality and Science

Is the World Falling Apart?

Today there are two conflicting ideas about where all the tumultuous change in our present-day world is leading.

Daily Life, Spirituality and Science

Your Brain: Highway to the Infinite

In the last twenty-five years, scientific thought has come full circle in its understanding of the brain and its potential for change. We now understand that the brain and the central nervous system are among the most changeable organs in the body.

Spirituality and Science

Engineered for Divinity

In the early 1970’s, as a young researcher out of college, I was involved in one of the first scientific studies done on meditation. We were trying to answer the basic question: is meditation different from sleep?