Often the most successful people are those who have had the most to overcome because they’ve had to put out a great deal of energy to transcend their challenges.

Why do people doubt God? Doubts arise from uncertainty, and uncertainty arises from attachment. Many people saw Jesus display miraculous powers, but failed to perceive his spiritual greatness.

When I was five-years-old, I was in my backyard and looking intently upward into a thick fog when all of a sudden, bursting through a gap in the fog, came a flock of pearl-white snow geese. Seeing the snow geese thrilled me deeply, and ever since I’ve wanted to immerse myself in nature.

Letting Go of Fear

When I came onto the spiritual path my life became consciously God-centered. There was a feeling of restfulness and calm as I let go of anxiety about myself.

The dark streams of consciousness flowing through the world at this time are basically three types: conflict, greed, and fear. But tuning in to the ray that Yogananda brought into the world will help counteract the dark consciousness that is afflicting the planet.

Today, when many are turning a blind eye to exploitation, inequity, and injustice, it may not seem that the world is actually getting better!

Understanding never comes on a purely rational level. It comes on an intuitive level, and the more we seek that plane of understanding, the more we’ll understand.

Thomas Edison was one of the foremost inventors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Not only did he play a key role in ushering in the modern age of electricity, he also laid the groundwork for many of the technological innovations that modernized the world. In the process, he also created the first modern industrial research laboratory.

Sananda was a great saint who traveled across the plains of India with a large group of disciples. Many householders considered it a privilege to entertain a true saint and his disciples.

People like working with others who like working with them. It’s that simple! It will be the cornerstone of anything you build of your own happiness and fulfillment.

I bring Thee all the honey from the hive of my heart. All that was ever mine is now Thine alone.

The Essence of Clarity

Sharing the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda