Paramhansa Yogananda told us more than once that in a former life he had been William the Conqueror.

A luxurious material life is pleasing only to the eyes; few realize “what price material comforts.” Don’t be a slave to money or possessions. Learn to live simply, renouncing unnecessary “wants” and ever-increasing desires.

As devotees, the pitfall is to decide that we have only so much energy — and no more. Just when I think I’ve done everything I can do, Divine Mother often says, “But there’s so much more you can do,” and then shows me that’s true.

Today many people are fearful for the future. How can we stay open and expansive in this time of uncertainty and turmoil? How do we remember that God is always supporting and guiding us?

A year after receiving Kriya Yoga initiation, I went through one of the most challenging times in my life as an attorney. I was appointed by the court to represent an emotionally disturbed woman whose teen-age daughter had been removed from her care.

What was at stake in 12th century Europe, and in England in particular, that caused a Self-realized master to incarnate as William the Conqueror? Our thesis is that William the Conqueror’s vision anticipated the role that England, specifically, would play in bridging East and West, uniting the strengths of each to bring mankind to the present time, an age of energy.

How do you react when a test comes? You won’t be worthy of God if you try to run away from your difficulties. ”

My son’s illness was a dramatic example of how adversity can remind us to call on God. I’ve come to see how valuable the difficult times are, and how we can embrace adversity as an impetus to remember to practice God’s presence.

Never lend money unless you can feel, in your heart, that you are giving the money away.

This story illustrates that if you leave the world for God, see that you also forsake worldly thoughts from within. Otherwise, wherever you go, your worldliness will go with you, attracting to you a worldly environment.

What exactly do we mean by saying we have been given free will? If all actions are done by God, how are we free?

My lot is small, and my life’s season is short, yet now I would produce a mighty harvest. I will expand my kingdom of will power. To do so, I must conquer new states of consciousness, enlarge my achievements, and outgrow, in consciousness, every limiting horizon.

Master seldom praised me for my labor. But he sometimes praised me for my devotion.

Most people equate wealth with investments, savings, income, or real property. Yet we’ve all known people who got by quite happily on very little money.

Yogananda never forgot for an instant that the real Doer was God. Inwardly, he was always free and at peace.

2. Tomato Basil Salad
A cooling salad for a festive or everyday meal.

I am Thy child.
The wealth of earth and universe
Belongs to me, belongs to me,
O belongs to me, belongs to me.

Often, during meditation, nearby odors such as car exhaust, cooking, cigarette smoke, or even upholstery can be distracting to the mind, and may awaken mental associations that have nothing in common with the mood of inner upliftment.

The Essence of Clarity

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