Awaken to Superconsciousness by Swami Kriyananda, as the title suggests, means to awaken to our highest spiritual potential. But what is superconsciousness?  All of us are aware of the conscious mind and, to a lesser extent, the subconscious mind in sleep and dreams.

Kriyananda explains that there is a third, less well known state of awareness called the superconscious — the source of who and what we are in our highest spiritual reality, also known as the “soul” or “higher Self.”

Superconsciousness is that level of awareness that we experience when our mind is in a calm and uplifted state. It is the hidden mechanism at work behind intuition, spiritual and physical healing, and successful problem solving.

The physical center of superconsciousness is in the frontal lobe of the brain, at a point midway between the eyebrows, also known as the Christ center or spiritual eye. The more we are able to draw our energy and awareness upward to the Christ center, the higher our level of awareness.

Right attitude: key to effective meditation

Kriyananda points out that everyone has the potential to experience superconsciousness, but in most people it lies dormant. Meditation is the most direct way to awaken the superconscious, but to meditate effectively, we must first understand the goal of meditation and the important role of attitudes in attaining that goal.

Since the goal of meditation is to realize the oneness of all life, it’s important to live in such a way as to constantly affirm that oneness. Kriyananda writes that the first step in the development of right attitude for meditation is to learn to see others not as rivals, but as friends:

If I am willing to hurt the life in me as it is expressed in another human being, then I am affirming an error that is diametrically opposed to the realization I am seeking to attain. It is necessary if I would truly realize the oneness of all things, for me to live also in a way as constantly to affirm this oneness — by my kindness toward all beings, by compassion, by universal love.

The “right attitudes” discussed by Kriyananda are the universal moral principles of yoga, the yamas (the don’ts) and niyamas (the do’s). One of the best known of these is ahimsa, or non-injury, popularized by the protest movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Ahimsa addresses not only harmful actions, but also the harm caused by negative thoughts.

Passivity and mental blankness

Kriyananda cautions against passivity and the common misconception that meditation consists of making the mind blank. Mental blankness, he says, opens the mind to the lower vibratory influences and can be very dangerous.

And although relaxation is an important first step toward meditating, meditation is much more than just quieting the mind or sinking into subconsciousness.  Proper meditation requires deep concentration and sustained dynamic energy.

The distilled essence of Yogananda’s teachings

In Awaken to Superconsciousness, Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, distills the essence of the original yogic science brought to the West by the great yoga master. He leads the reader step by step through the methods by which we can attain this state of heightened awareness and begin to transform our lives.

Written in clear easy-to-understand language, the book provides a wonderful overview of the nature and purpose of meditation. Each chapter is filled with insights and wisdom from Kriyananda’s lifetime of experience as a world teacher and foremost exponent of meditation and yoga practice.

Beginning with simple relaxation exercises, the reader will find an easy-to-follow approach that combines breathing exercises, affirmations, mantras, guided visualizations and centering techniques as a preparation for meditation itself. At the end of each chapter there are meditation exercises, which help one to become more attuned to the superconscious level of reality.

In addition, Kriyananda offers practical advice on concentration, keeping the spine straight and the body relaxed, the best times of the day to meditate, duration and regularity of practice, and how to organize our time for maximum benefit.

The most meaningful activity in life

Quite apart from the outward benefits, the practice of meditation is, in and of itself, one of the most rewarding of all human activities. Kriyananda describes meditation as “simply the most meaningful activity in my life — indeed, the most meaningful activity I can imagine.”

Awaken To Superconsciousness is a complete course in meditation and can be practiced with equal effectiveness by anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, whether agnostic or atheist. One’s personal experience is the only yardstick of effectiveness. 

Nayaswami Nakin, a minister and longtime member of Ananda, lives at Ananda Village and serves in the Sangha Office in a number of capacities, including as editorial assistant for Clarity Magazine.

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