During the early years of Christianity, the importance of inner communion and a personal relationship with God were particularly emphasized by the Gnostics, a school of early Christians who were eventually suppressed.

Occasionally one reads dire pronouncements regarding an imminent “end of the world.” No earthly dissolution is in sight. The earth is currently on an ascending cycle and eventually the world will become a better place.

During the last 70 years, the sun has entered a period of higher activity. Our electronics-based society is far more vulnerable to even relatively minor solar outbursts than humanity ever has been.

The “placebo effect” illustrates the importance of the mind, of consciousness, for both wellness and disease. It is our consciousness, working through the subtle laws of magnetism, which creates our circumstances.

Embracing Change

Outward change has been a constant in my life since I was a child. My family moved seven times before I was ten years old, and four more times when I was in high school.

There is no shortcut to forgiveness. Perfect self-honesty, however, will lead us eventually to the point when we can purge from our hearts the need to make someone else responsible for our suffering.

“A Fight for Religious Freedom” is all the more gripping for being a true story — the story of a small group of dedicated souls fighting for the right to serve their Guru and his mission, against seemingly impossible odds.

The mother rejoiced after she heard how her eight sons had been saved from drowning, but with sobs cried out, “Your Excellency, my ninth son, my heart is bursting with grief for you have killed your brother.”

Ahimsa is seen by most people as the last hope of the underdog. Yet ahimsa, rightly understood, is the “ultimate weapon” of a strong man; it turns one’s enemy into a friend, thereby banishing the possibility of further conflict.

If we want to find God, it is important that we strive to look at everything differently from how we are accustomed to doing.

Bless me, that my sacred, wise thoughts, following this star of knowledge, lead me to the Christ in everything

Diwali symbolizes the conquest of good over evil, the ascendance of light in the midst of darkness and, on a deeper level, the return of the soul to its true kingdom in God from its “exile” in the land of the senses.

The secret for bringing peace on earth is to remember that whatever peace you bring must begin on that little piece of earth where you live.

There is no better panacea for sorrow, no better reviving tonic, and no greater beauty than a genuine smile.

The first person to complete a solo, non-stop flight across Atlantic Ocean.

Find something each day for which to give thanks, and thus form the habit of gratitude for all the good gifts the Father has bestowed upon us.

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