The Secret of Bringing Peace on Earth

The secret of bringing peace on earth is…

1. to remember that whatever peace you bring must begin on that little piece of earth where you live.

2. to surround yourself, wherever you go, with an aura of peacefulness. Walk consciously in that light of peace.

3. to think peace when you look into people’s eyes.

4. to realize that peace, when you express it, has its source not in you — but in Infinity.

5. never trying to make peace at the cost of true and noble principles.

6. to light a candle of kindness in your heart when you feel a need to correct someone; then, as you speak, to hold it there unwaveringly.

7. forgiving any who have ever wronged you. Indeed, if you cannot offer peace to them, how will you offer it to others whose lives have never touched yours?

8. bearing in mind that the world is, simply, what it is. And is it so small a place, that you could change it radically? Live at peace with yourself, if you would bring peace even to one other human being.

9. recalling that the promise of peace came down to earth from heavenly regions. It is not the gift of governments.

10. to place a higher priority on holding peace in your heart than on doing all those little things that daily cry out for attention.

11. not waiting for the future to bring you peace, but living peacefully this moment, then extending that peacefulness from day to day into the future.

12. to pray daily for world peace — not as an end to strife and discord, merely, but as the dawn of Divine Love on earth.

From: The Secrets for Bringing Peace on Earth, by Swami Kriyananda, Crystal Clarity, Publishers (currently out of print).

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