A Powerful Tool for Developing Non-Attachment

(An Exercise for Every Day of the Week)

Every evening before going to sleep, mentally build a bonfire to destroy some aspects of your life you have created around your ego.

First night: Think of all your possessions: your house (if you have one); your furniture; your clothing; your jewels; your kitchen; your books and recordings. Throw these into the fire one by one, until all of them are consumed. Meditate on your freedom, not on your loss.

Second night: Offer into the fire your attachment to home and country; to any racial identity that you fee; to every kind of membership, including church (remember, God alone is the truth; He is beyond all definitions of truth); to any belief with which you feel yourself too firmly identified.

Third night: Offer into the flames every desire you expect others to fulfill for you; even such things as their consideration and respect.

Fourth night: Offer up all pride of pedigree, of position, of skill in anything, of respect from others. You are so much more than any of these. Why limit yourself to such petty self-definitions?

Fifth night: Try to offer up every self-definition, including gender, age, nationality, race, job, and ability.

Sixth night: Offer up every expectation of life: of what you hope to receive from others; from your work place; from your family; from your friends; from everyone you meet. Don’t be a slave to others’ willingness to give you anything. You are the master of your own self; you need nothing and no one

Seventh night: Cast into the fire, finally, your own ego; your very sense of human identity; your sense that you are separate from anyone or anything else. Your true identity is that of a wave on the great ocean of Spirit.

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