Articles by Asha Nayaswami

My slowly deepening understanding of magnetism and the part it plays in our successes and failures involved many experiences with Swami Kriyananda. Generally speaking, everyone’s faults are their virtues taken to an extreme. I’m a very enthusiastic person. I love becoming engaged in a project, but sometimes I overdo it.

When I found myself horizontal in the air going backwards, I rotated my body to face into the fall and saw that I was going head first down a long steep stairwell. Then I heard a voice of power like I have never heard before. “Oh! God! NO!”

The Power of Forgiveness

There is no shortcut to forgiveness. Perfect self-honesty, however, will lead us eventually to the point when we can purge from our hearts the need to make someone else responsible for our suffering.

When we fail in our aspirations and fall to the ground, we need to be able to muster the courage to get up and try again. There is always a way to go forward.

If Swamiji had told me I was behaving like an idiot, I would have been so embarrassed it would have taken me weeks to recover. But through humor, he knew he could reach me.

Paramhansa Yogananda wrote Whispers from Eternity to show us the attitudes of the soul that draw God’s response to prayers.

Attunement Through Satsang

Without satsang, we end up keeping company with the ego and we don’t even know the difference.