Articles by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi

Learn to Love Heroically

God is calling us now to build our individual spiritual power, to give our full strength to keeping our consciousness uplifted and to find within ourselves a deeper capacity to love. Let us grasp this opportunity with energy and enthusiasm, and understand that it is the dharma we chose for this incarnation.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to refine your bundle of self-definitions is to make sure to use positive, not negative words. If you are watchful, you can always find a way to substitute positive terminology for negative.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that “the heart is to love, the mind is to think of God, and the hands are to serve with humility.” To spiritualize daily life, we need to find a way to bring these three elements — heart, hands, and mind — into everything we do.

Paramhansa Yogananda said we should think of work as active meditation and meditation as inward service. In other words, our daily activities and meditation are not separate from each other; they are two aspects of our spiritual path.

The dark streams of consciousness flowing through the world at this time are basically of three types: a consciousness of conflict, of greed, and of fear. And they are causing enormous problems.

As you raise your consciousness and become less ego-bound, you are able to become a positive influence on those around you in ever-widening circles. World peace will spread one person at a time. It begins with your own spiritual search and uplifted consciousness.

To find true peace of mind we must learn to live more by faith. Faith is much more practical than most people realize. There is an infinite reservoir of divine love and support, and if we open ourselves to that flow it will sustain us.

The main characteristics of prosperous people are three: a high level energy, focus of concentration, and faith — not necessarily faith in God but faith in some kind of positive power in the universe.

Is it possible to love everyone? The more we feel God’s presence, the more impossible it becomes not to love everyone.

On the spiritual path, we don’t tread water. We’re either moving forward or backward. Very few on the spiritual path say outright, “I will not fight.” We don’t say, “I give up.” What we say in effect is, “I let up,” meaning, “I’m not going to try as hard.”