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The waves of many cultures are rolling toward our shores. Many countries and many cultures have already shown that they have something to teach us. Among these, the genius of India, particularly, offers insights into human values and consciousness which presently concern the very future of our civilization.

Paramhansa Yogananda taught that progress on the spiritual path brings increasing joy in the here and now. The spiritual life is not a thankless struggle that has its rewards only in the afterlife. God’s bliss is already part of us, waiting to be uncovered.

Today, when many are turning a blind eye to exploitation, inequity, and injustice, it may not seem that the world is actually getting better! However, through his explanation of the cycle of the yugas and the evolution of dharma, Sri Yukteswar offers a profoundly reassuring vision of where mankind is heading.

Even apart from the fulfillment it imparts, meditation tends to moderate a person’s desire to eat. Most people who meditate regularly tend to have a lower and more balanced appetite. It is also very difficult to meditate deeply when the stomach is overloaded with food.

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The dark streams of consciousness flowing through the world at this time are basically of three types: a consciousness of conflict, of greed, and of fear. And they are causing enormous problems.

What will dramatically change the field of cancer treatment is the focus on the genetics of the cancer. In the near future, the main approaches to cancer treatment will involve 1) targeting the cancer-producing genes or 2) stimulating the patient’s immune system to create antibodies to fight off the cancer.

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As you raise your consciousness and become less ego-bound, you are able to become a positive influence on those around you in ever-widening circles. World peace will spread one person at a time. It begins with your own spiritual search and uplifted consciousness.

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To find true peace of mind we must learn to live more by faith. Faith is much more practical than most people realize. There is an infinite reservoir of divine love and support, and if we open ourselves to that flow it will sustain us.

Scientific research shows that meditation, by improving our body’s handling of stress, not only slows the aging process but, in some instances, reverses it. We now have a readily available way of measuring the effect of meditation on the aging process.

Is it possible to love everyone? The more we feel God’s presence, the more impossible it becomes not to love everyone.

Even as Asha never wavers in showing the heroism required of the spiritual seeker, so also does she show her profound faith that God Himself is always there, reaching down to lift up that seeker, to help him or her through whatever comes.

Bharat invites us all to reconnect with the natural world and to share our connection with others. From a profound immersion in the natural world, the reader comes to the highest purpose of nature awareness — the experience of the still, joyful center of his own being.

San Francisco in the 1960s was the center of an extraordinary number of “New Age” movements. Perhaps this was why the Divine Mother placed me there.

The dream of too many people in the “New Age Movement” is of a heaven on earth without God, without humility, and without devotion — a “heaven” in which mankind reigns supreme, holding in his own puny hands the power of the universe.

Although India is racing to adopt the material efficiency of the West, many of the old traditions live on. Businessmen and women, doctors, servants and laborers set aside their work and take this time to honor these loved and revered saints.

With the death of Swami Kriyananda, a remarkable light has passed from the world, and we will not see its like again during our lifetimes.

We have a responsibility to do our best to become more powerful channels for the ray of divine grace that Swami Kriyananda channeled, and there’s a wind of grace that will help us do that.

The highest octave of joy is bliss, which was Kriyananda’s state of consciousness in these last years. Many times he would say privately, “I feel so much bliss I can hardly stand it.”

Kriyananda came into this life with an unusually high level of spiritual realization and a very clear sense of his duty to God and Guru.

The thought that this world can ever be perfected is one of man’s greatest delusions. What this world is, simply, is a school, through which the soul passes on its upward evolution.

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