Impatience is an obstacle on the spiritual path. It creates leaks in one’s flow of energy, leaving too little power at the end of the wire for constructive use.

The truest way to discover your own life purpose is to attune yourself in meditation to the silent promptings of your inner soul. By this practice you will be subtly guided in the direction that you should take.

Much of our daily life is spent in work or in other outward activities, and our minds often become engrossed in what we are doing at the expense of the thought of God. Some sort of exercise is needed to help us form the habit of feeling His presence in everything we do.

That is what teaching should mean — not telling people what they should do or know, but offering the fruits of one’s own living in the humble hope that what one says will in some way prove useful in their lives.

Victory is always desirable, but to define victory in terms of egoic fulfillments, and to claim personal credit every inch of the way, is almost an insult to spiritual truth. In a deeper sense it is even a kind of defeat.

Remember, when your love for God becomes a constant, silent yearning of your heart, all other things will melt away like morning mist before the rising sun.

Worry-consciousness not only creates problems where none really exist, but actually interferes with one’s efforts to resolve problems where they do exist.

Yoga techniques are a means of self-improvement, that we might make ourselves a more fit instrument to receive and express God’s love.

Remember, your body changes constantly. If you will change your mental “picture,” the incoming cells will fit themselves to the new pattern.

Drugs seem to inspire a sort of spiritual self-centeredness, an attachment to experiences, that is the very opposite of self-giving. In the long run, they actually reduce one’s sensitivity to reality as a whole.

Love, to me, means consciousness reaching out to embrace the universe, not merely a human emotion that confines the heart to one or to a few human beings.

If people treat us harshly despite our present kindness to them, it is because the seeds of harshness have not been completely erased from our own consciousness.

It seems far better to trust in Him, and to try to follow His guidance, rather than to get sidetracked in the questionable truths of astral beings who purportedly speak to us through mediums.

It is a mistake to think that you will ever find the perfect mate. Life, outwardly, cannot be other than a compromise between the ideal and reality.

Yoga makes us more aware of ourselves as bodies of energy, not merely of material substance. The more aware we become that we are energy, the greater control we have in our lives.

What exactly do we mean by saying we have been given free will? If all actions are done by God, how are we free?

People like working with others who like working with them. It’s that simple! It will be the cornerstone of anything you build of your own happiness and fulfillment.

If we understand that, by loving, it is God’s love we express, He will surely flow through any barrier we erect of ego and self-interest, and uplift significantly the consciousness of the world.

In my relationship with Master, I have found that I’m the most in tune with him when I don’t have the thought of what I’m getting from him, but dwell rather in the thought of what I’m giving to him.

Divine friendship is something one rarely encounters in the world, where everyone seems to want only to justify his own actions and character.