Don’t think of your body as your own. It is God’s body, from which at least the consciousness of illness must be banished.

God doesn’t treat those who love Him in the same soft way He treats others.

When one receives visions and voices on the spiritual path, it is very difficult to distinguish how real they are. My strong advice to you is that you not give them too much attention.

The most important sign of spiritual advancement is that your love for God is growing ever deeper, and you feel selfless joy in the thought of Him.

I do not believe that superconscious experiences can be induced by hypnotic suggestion.

The modern mind — especially the modern American mind — thinks that bigger is better. Why should this be so? There is no rivalry in God.

Illness has its challenges (as you well know), but at the moment of death itself, though, there’s no pain at all.

Paramhansa Yogananda often said that spiritual truths must be made to apply on all three levels — physical, mental, and spiritual.

It’s right and true to recognize one’s own fallibility — true strength and guidance come only from God. When we have faith in Him, everything turns out for the best.

Human love is fulfilling only when it is self-giving, not grasping, and seeks fulfillment in the joy of another.

Joy and suffering depend entirely on attitudes of the mind. The poorest beggar has found bliss when his attitude was right.

Guidance rarely comes to us when we sit back and wait for it. The secret of attracting guidance is to raise one’s level of energy.

Jesus taught that the kingdom of God should not be sought “here” or “there,” for the kingdom of God is within.

There is no tension between the teachings of Jesus and of Krishna, or of any of the great masters. The tension arises in our efforts to understand their teachings.

The fruits of the divine life are selfless love, humility, and all divine qualities.

India — the real India — is an ancient culture that has survived the disintegrating influences of time.

When I first met Yogananda, I had many doubts that I determined to “put on a shelf” for the time being, since I was in no position to resolve them.

I’m not going to ask you even to imagine gratitude for what you’re suffering, but I do ask you to suspend judgment for the time being.

Any time we suffer in life, our greatest need is to see what it is in ourselves that has attracted that suffering.

It would be idle for me to say that I am not the guide for those who come to Yogananda through me and Ananda.