The main characteristics of prosperous people are three: a high level energy, focus of concentration, and faith — not necessarily faith in God but faith in some kind of positive power in the universe.

By starting from within, you can acquire the experience of many years within a short time. The first step is to increase the receptivity of your intuition.

I believe we’re on the eve of difficult times but if you have the right kind of magnetism, even if there’s a depression, it won’t be a predicament for you.

Money is a form of energy. In learning to attract money, to use it rightly, we learn to attract energy, and to use energy rightly. In the process, we develop will power and concentration — essential attributes not only for success in the world but also on the spiritual path.

My six-year test showed me that all the money in creation is contained entirely within Divine Mother’s purse. Abundance, I realized, comes by opening ourselves to its only source, in God, through our love and service to Him.

Most people equate wealth with investments, savings, income, or real property. Yet we’ve all known people who got by quite happily on very little money.

I am Thy child.
The wealth of earth and universe
Belongs to me, belongs to me,
O belongs to me, belongs to me.

Always avoid the evil of selfishness. It is the root of all troubles, whether individual or national. Selfishness caused the 1930 depression in America. Businessmen and industrialists, by their indifference to the needs and sufferings of others, broke the spiritual law of equal supply. Thus, the richest nation on the globe suddenly became poor.

Just then, a huge Royal Bengal tiger came into the cottage and calmly sat down at the hermit’s feet, causing a near panic among the prince’s retinue. After the hermit petted the tiger on the head, it slunk slowly away into the dark jungle.

All things are gifts of God even though He makes man work for them for the sake of his own evolution. They include health, prosperity, intelligence, creative ability, will power and, above all, spiritual qualities.

Our family experienced several episodes of extreme financial difficulty before we found the right balance between living simply and attracting the money we needed.

The first duty of every soul is to release the hold of ego consciousness, whether one is a renunciate, a householder, or living for God in some other way.

By developing your concentration and creativity, you can learn to succeed in any field. But it is better to work in a field to which you are instinctively attracted.

When Sukdeva decided it was time to go in search of his spiritual teacher, his father, Sage Byasa, advised him to go to King Janaka, the ruler of the province.

Mr. Sham often said: “Mr. Honest, look here, if you will forsake all religious and metaphysical nuttiness, I will give you a financial start and you will then attract riches and friends.”

When I arrived at Ananda, everything I owned was in a backpack made out of a used gunnysack.

Money-making is the next greatest art after the art of realizing God. To earn money honestly for God’s work, will aid one on the spiritual as well as the material path.


What I give to others I give not away.