Understanding the Chakras

The chakras, the energy-distribution centers in our spines and brains, hold the keys to physical and emotional health. They also clearly describe the stages we all follow along our path to spiritual enlightenment.
Nayaswami Savitri · September 9, 2021

Chakras: A Universal Path to Self-Realization

Within all of us are joy-filled centers of energy. These centers, or chakras, govern various aspects of our mental and emotional states and hold the key for better physical, mental, and spiritual health. To understand the functions and qualities of each of the chakras is to understand the subtle stages we all follow along our path to spiritual enlightenment.

Get to Know Your Energy Anatomy

This course will help you become more actively aware of the chakras and their functions. You will learn where they are within you and what they do to make you who you are. Most importantly, you will begin to experience the reality of chakras rather than just reading or hearing about them.

Explore the Secrets of Your Inner Self and Learn…

  • How to locate and how to purify your chakras
  • How to increase the flow of life-force in your astral body
  • Chakra awakening exercises that use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music, breathing, and hatha yoga to help you attune more deeply to these astral energies
  • How to use these core energy centers for healing your body and mind

Course Materials

In this course, you will receive:

  • 3 hours and 48 minutes of video from 7 class sessions (also available to download)
  • 1 complete digital book in PDF format, Chakras for Starters
  • 14 audio learning tracks in MP3

As with many of our premium courses, Understanding the Chakras also includes:

  • A forum for discussion with instructors and fellow students
  • Guided affirmation and journal exercises to reinforce and deepen your learning
  • Personal support to answer your own individual question
  • A certificate of completion when you finish the course

About Instructor

Nayaswami Savitri

A resident of Ananda since 1975, Savitri is a Lightbearer Minister, Counselor, Raja Yoga Teacher, and former co-director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training program. Among Ananda's most popular teachers, Savitri has taught at The Expanding Light and several of Ananda's branch communities since she came to Ananda. She lives in Ananda Village with her husband Nayaswami Sudarshan. An expert in the chakras for the last 20 years, she has taught hundreds of classes, workshops, and seminars on understanding and awakening the chakras. Among other courses, she currently teaches Mystical Keys to Awakening and The Seven Gates to Freedom, an experiential chakras course. She also is the author of the Chakras for Starters book and video, as well as a video/DVD called Yoga Postures to Awaken the Chakras. Savitri's perceptiveness in a trilogy of novels is highly valued by readers of any or all books from the collection.

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