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A Comprehensive Spiritual Path

Devalila Veenhof February 20, 2020


Comprehensive Path

Growing spiritually on the path of Kriya Yoga requires more than just knowledge of and practice of the techniques. The comprehensive path of Kriya Yoga includes:

  • Four central meditation techniques and practices:
    Energization Exercises, Hong-Sau, AUM, and Kriya Yoga.
  • Right spiritual attitudes.
  • Understanding of the guru-disciple relationship.
  • Devotion to God.
  • Daily spiritual practice (“sadhana”).
  • Serious commitment to the path of Kriya.

The reason that Yogananda—and other true Kriya teachers—present Kriya in that comprehensive way is because Kriya Yoga is far more then a meditation technique. It is a way of life. Swami Kriyananda stated that for Kriya to be effective in one’s life, it must be understood and practiced in its totality. Kriya is effective when practiced in conjunction with the other techniques of the Kriya path, with right attitudes, and above all, with the awareness and guidance that comes through the guru-disciple relationship.

The courses in the Path of Kriya explain simply and clearly the underlying philosophy behind the deeper teachings of yoga. They help the student develop the yogic attitudes of living in harmony with life, a daily habit of meditation, and right understanding of the role of the guru in our spiritual growth. All these things help prepare the student to receive the Kriya technique in the highest way.