I had a dream many years ago, which vividly taught me that it is God — not our efforts in meditation — who actually transforms us:

I was riding a bicycle on a country road surrounded by wheat fields, when a large falcon swooped out of the sky and began flying right beside me.

I looked at the falcon and the falcon looked at me — and then he smiled. The falcon had a magical presence. It began flying faster, so I pedaled harder to keep up with this magnificent being.

The falcon smiled again, this time seemingly to say, ‘Can you go faster?’ By pedaling furiously, I was barely able to keep up with its faster pace. It took everything I had to stay even with the falcon.

Seeing that I was still keeping up with him, the falcon dramatically increased his speed. To my surprise, I felt a force propelling me forward, and I was able to stay abreast of the rapidly flying falcon.

I wasn’t pedaling anymore; I was being carried along by the falcon’s presence.

Then the bird flew upward into the sky, and I found myself on my bicycle rising skyward with my falcon friend.

God wants to carry us into the skies of Spirit. Our job is to energetically and lovingly offer ourselves to God and let Him transform us.

The following words by Swami Kriyananda express a profound and encouraging truth about how one advances spiritually:

You may think, “I can never love God the way the great saints love Him. I’ll never have their fervor or joy.”

But you will find that as you keep reaching for God, He will uplift you. He will give you the power to find Him. You can’t generate that power yourself. But your love can draw that power to you.

Visualize before you a very young child reaching up with outstretched arms. Feel his childlike faith and conviction that you will pick him up.

His innocence and trust is irresistible. Feel your heart responding to the child’s beautiful innocence. Reach down and lovingly lift him up to you.

God Himself has given you the ability to love. He will respond when you offer yourself to Him with childlike love and trusting expectation. Then, He will reach down and lift you up into His Beloved Presence.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Bharat

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“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.”

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