Dear Meditator,

During my first year at Ananda Village I asked Swami Kriyananda if he had advice for my meditation practice. He replied, “Keep Divine Mother first.”

I realized he was encouraging me to focus more on giving rather than receiving.

The goal of meditation is self-forgetfulness. Yet one’s ego refers everything back to itself, instead of offering itself freely to God. The grasping quality of the ego creates tension, which drives away true meditation experiences.

When we meditate with deep attention and devotion, we break the cycle of habitual self-involvement. This is why concentration is so essential. Concentration is sincerity and its fruits are love and absorption.

In Swami Kriyananda’s book Awaken to Superconsciousness he says that during the higher stages of meditation “even the thought ‘I am concentrating’ is a distraction, and betrays an imperfection in one’s mental focus.”

During your meditations, offer to the Spiritual Eye every personal motive, thought, and feeling of separate existence. Feel that God is meditating through you. Give yourself to the Superconsciousness with the deep receptivity and love. If you do, Paramhansa Yogananda said, someday, when you least expect it, God will reach down and lift you up to His Beloved Presence.

Swami Kriyananda on meditating with a pure heart:

“Even in meditation, it is important not to meditate with desire for the results. We think the spiritual path is about the experiences we receive in meditation, but it is much more about the refinement and purity of our self-offering to God.”

“If the devotee starts to think of how he can get more experience or more realization, then he falls back into delusion. It has to be a constant giving, and in that giving, God can give us more.

“Spiritual experiences will freely flow to us when we meditate with this kind of attitude, there being no longer any hindrances to stop the flow.”

“To eliminate the strain and tension of trying to concentrate, release also the thought, I am meditating. Think rather, the Cosmic Vibration is reaffirming, through me, its own reality. Cosmic love, through me, is yearning for God’s love. Cosmic joy, through me, is rejoicing in our Infinite Beloved.”

As we deepen our meditation practice, we will experience more and more the Great Reality of God, and we will know and say—“I am this reality!”

May your practice of meditation immerse you ever more joyfully into God’s light and love.

In divine friendship,


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“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.”

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