The Indian scriptures say that creation is cyclic: the universe comes into being, stays for a time, and then is dissolved. Furthermore, they say that these three phases of universal existence are in operation at all times: The universe is constantly being created, constantly being preserved, and constantly being dissolved again.

These three forces co-exist; they are not opposing energies, but are all part of the natural order. Together they constitute AUM, with the three aspects:

A — the creative force
U — the preserving force
M — the dissolving force

We can observe these influences even in the lives of human beings. Every human being is a mixture of these three aspects of creation. The three energies exist within us, and we can learn to harmonize ourselves with them, and draw upon them, to be successful in our lives.

The ideal human being brings the three types of vibration to a harmonious balance within himself. He is innovative, when it is appropriate to be so; conservative, when true values are at stake; and prompt to combat evil, if he sees it to be menacing the good. Most people tend to manifest primarily one or another of these vibrations in their lives.

AUM is part of the Hindu Holy Trinity: AUM-TAT-SAT, which parallels the Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

AUM (Holy Ghost) is Cosmic Vibration, the Divine Mother

TAT (Son) is the Christ Consciousness, a reflection of the Supreme Spirit in all creation

SAT (Father) is the Vibrationless Spirit beyond creation.

The Process of Creation

According to Hinduism, God “dreamed” the universe into existence. The process of creation was that God vibrated a portion of His consciousness, creating the vast array of dualities (opposites) that give “texture” to the universe: light/dark, up/down, joy/sorrow, life/death — the list goes on and on.

Just as on the physical plane, vibration makes a sound, so also in the subtler realm of Spirit the vibration of creation (the “cosmic motor”) is the sacred sound of AUM. In that sound, all things exist — and without that sound, nothing could exist.

Experiencing the Protective Power of AUM-TAT-SAT

In the summer of 2016, I decided to experiment with AUM-TAT-SAT as a mantra. Daily, I repeated mentally AUM-TAT-SAT whenever I remembered, and especially as I walked to work and back, for about 10 minutes each way.

After a few months, I started to feel a subtle change in my consciousness. I felt an invisible protecting layer around me, and greater peace within me. After about three months, I had a confirmation about the shift in my energy field. Before I share it, I need to give you some background.

Many geese have adopted Ananda as their home. When I walk to work, I sometimes encounter a couple of geese on the gravel path. As I get closer, they start to move away, and one of them may hiss at me; during their nesting season, the male, wanting to protect his nesting eggs, will flap its wings.

After about three months of repeating the mantra daily, I was walking home from the market in Ananda Village. I saw a flock of about fifty geese spread on the village lawn and the pathway. I slowed my pace as I walked towards them, mentally repeating AUM-TAT-SAT.

The geese noticed me, but they hardly moved. They made just enough room for me on the path, but remained very close to me, a breath away. None of them hissed or flapped its wings. I walked slowly amidst them. I felt welcomed as a friendly guest and accepted amidst them, instead of being a threat. It was a wonderful feeling to walk so closely and peacefully among the geese.

Later, as I reflected on this incident and why I was treated differently this time, I believe it was the repetition of the mantra that harmonized my energy, so my aura was peaceful and allowed the geese to feel at ease in my presence.

I am continuing to practice AUM-TAT-SAT and feel the subtle power of Spirit flowing through me and harmonizing my aura.

I found Paramhansa Yogananda’s affirmation to express what I have experienced through the repetition of AUM-TAT-SAT:

“The light of Christ shines through me, and therefore my mind is clear. Order and harmony reign in all my affairs.”

Daily Practice

By daily practice of meditation, mantras, japa, and affirmations, we develop spiritual receptivity so that we can experience the divine as a real and very practical aspect of our daily lives.

As you expand your awareness and experience God’s presence within you, you’ll find that not only does it sustain you and brings peace to your heart, it begins naturally to radiate outward to bless others around you. As you develop a dynamic positive attitude of mind and heart, you open to the divine light to flow through you.

Affirmations for Divine Protection

By Paramhansa Yogananda

I will seek safety: first, last and all the time in the constant inner thought of God-peace.

God is within me and around me, protecting me, so I banish the gloom of fear that shuts out His guiding light and makes me stumble into ditches of error.

By Swami Kriyananda

I live protected by God’s Infinite light. So long as I remain in the heart of it, nothing and no one can harm me.

Listening to the sound of AUM (the cosmic vibration) raises the mind above the delusion of human existence, into the pure skies of divine consciousness.

Listen To Swami Kriyananda chant AUM:

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