Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating the Many Facets of Our Worldwide Community

Ananda’s communities and centers welcome all sincere seekers, regardless of color, race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or different ability. We are committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone to pursue their search for God.
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We have inaugurated the Ananda Diversity and Inclusion Council to navigate the road ahead and to highlight and increase the brilliant diversity of our community. Master has called us to this path of Self-realization from many corners, backgrounds, and walks of life. Ananda is a collective of cultures, races, ethnicities, ages, languages, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds. We live in a vibrant, creative, and nurturing environment where individuals can wholeheartedly and freely aspire to reach their spiritual potential.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council provides our community with a platform to foster the connections we have in and with each other not by amplifying our differences but by cultivating and nurturing the bonds that have brought us together. Through the Council’s outreach and planning, we will thoughtfully and sensitively foster insights and understanding around issues of diversity, share resources, collaborate, and inspire the lives and efforts of those who live and work in our community. We endeavor purposefully to amplify a resounding message of welcome and openness for all who resonate with our line of Masters and want to follow this path of Self-realization.

The country is facing a cultural and historical turning point as we move into the higher ages. Increasing interest and attention is being given to conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Swami created Ananda as a model of world fellowship and brotherhood, community best practices, and leadership in his discipleship to Master. We all are devotedly participating in this great and beautiful experiment. We know the way ahead. Through our continued efforts, growth, and cultural expansiveness we are helping to lead the way forward.

“Real brotherhood can never come until we feel it in our hearts.”

-Paramhansa Yogananda

We invite all community members to undertake a journey of discovery and understanding with each other. “Real brotherhood can never come unless we feel it in our hearts.” The work of the Council is to collaborate, listen, and create connections to bring about increased awareness, sensitivity, and insights across demographics. All walls crumble when we give respect, empathy, and understanding to others. Everyone should know and feel that they have a place and a voice that can be heard at Ananda.

The Council has a number of representatives and advisory members from various Ananda communities and across demographics who are interested in supporting diversity and promoting inclusion throughout our world-wide community. Educational programs and seminars have included Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging and The ABCs of LGBTQ+.

We look forward to your Joy, participation, and support on the road ahead.

In Divine Friendship & Light,
The Ananda Diversity & Inclusion Council
Nayaswami Nefretete
Surya Crisman
Tyagi Ram

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ADIC Building Bridges to Inclusion Education Series

Diversity Inclusion & Belonging
w/ Elmer Dixon

Elmer Dixon

The ABC’s of LGBTQ+
w/ David Nylund, Ph.D

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