• PRIVATE ENSUITE - King – $736.00
  • PRIVATE ENSUITE - Twin – $704.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Queen – $570.00
  • PRIVATE STANDARD - Twin – $536.00
  • PRIVATE CABIN - Twin – $512.00
  • SHARED ENSUITE - Twin – $484.00
  • SHARED STANDARD - Twin – $396.00
  • SHARED CABIN - Twin – $382.00
  • CAMPING – $310.00
  • RV – $310.00
  • (All prices include $240.00 base amount)

The rates shown above are for adults and children 13 and over. For children 12 and under, use the "Optional Items" section. No more than 2 adults (including children 13 and over) and 2 children 12 and under can occupy a shared room together.

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Family Christmas at Ananda

With David Kletter, Irene Schulman and Matthew Fredrickson

December 6 - 8, 2024

Celebrating the True Spirit of Christmas with Your Family

Come visit Ananda Village with your family at this sacred time to celebrate and honor the true spirit of the season, creating lasting memories and offering meaningful inner experiences for your children.

This weekend is ideal for children ages 5-12 but all are welcome.

This kid and family-friendly weekend will include:

  • Family Kirtan: Engage in sacred chanting with Ananda families, fostering a sense of unity and connection.
  • Caroling with the Community: Join the community in spreading joy through caroling, creating a festive and heartwarming atmosphere.
  • Family Yoga and Games: Cultivate connection through family yoga sessions and engaging games for all ages.
  • Christmas Decorating and Special Art Project: Participate in festive activities like Christmas decorating and a special art project.
  • Hike with “Sharing Nature” Activities: Connect with the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Celebrate the Light: Honor the special season through stories, songs, and sacred ceremonies that bring the true meaning of Christmas to life.
  • Sunday Service in the Temple of Light: Attend the Sunday Service in the Temple of Light, with a special Sunday school for kids to deepen their spiritual connection.

About Family Friendly Weekends
We are excited to be able to welcome families and children to visit our retreat center. Please review our guidelines for Bringing Your Family to The Expanding Light Yoga Retreat Center and email us at info@expandingligh.org with any questions.

Please note: The ideal age for this retreat is 5-12 years old, but please inquire if you’re interested in coming with younger or older children to see if it would be a good fit for them. Children 3 and under stay free with a small fee to cover the program. Parents would be responsible for their care throughout your stay.

family christmas with Badri and Erin
Make This Christmas Truly Special for Your Family:

This family-friendly weekend offers a unique opportunity to infuse your holiday season with meaning, joy, and spiritual connection. Create beautiful memories and celebrate the true spirit of Christmas with your loved ones at Ananda Village.

What Parents have said: 

“The whole program was great! The activities were all appropriate and helped connect the group/family and also allow for alone time.” -E.F., Mountain View, CA

“It’s a beautiful way to spend intentional and sacred time with family and new friends.” – family retreat participant

“Good opportunity for meeting other parents. Great positive environment. Erin is very approachable for discussions involving parenting or knowing more about Education for Life.” -parent participant


David Kletter
Raised in Bozeman, Montana, David is an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover. He grew up skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, and backpacking. He has a special fondness for being in the garden, the forest, and wild nature. A desire to dynamically live the teachings of Paramhansa brought David to Ananda Village in the summer of 2022. He relates naturally with young people and finds deep joy in attuning to the magic of “the now” by sharing the beauty of Divine Presence with others. David is part of the team that hosts Family Retreat programs. His childlike joy, creativity, and natural affinity…
Learn more about David Kletter
Irene Schulman
Irene has long been involved in, and has much experience with educating children through the Ananda system of Education for Life. She presently works for Education for Life International (EFL), mentoring teachers, and visiting and supporting EFL schools everywhere. She has served as a teacher at Ananda Village Living Wisdom School (Grades 4-12), helped develop a teen camp (Inner Adventure Camp for Teens), and helps with online teacher training for parents and teachers. Her sunny disposition, creativity, quick mind, and spontaneous sense of humor are a joy to be around. She is a wonderful retreat leader that children and adults…
Learn more about Irene Schulman
Matthew Fredrickson
Matthew has worked with children of all ages for almost 3 decades. He is thoughtful, creative, musical, and tunes into each child’s qualities to help them learn and shine in exactly the ways they need. He is part of the team that hosts Family retreats at The Expanding Light Retreat. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Matthew attended Weber State University in Utah, and has a BA in Education and Creative Writing from Ananda College of Living Wisdom in California. He has traveled extensively, traversing the United States multiple times and touring South America, Europe-and India. A…
Learn more about Matthew Fredrickson