We faced the possibility of economic failure, but we chose, instead, to find the faith and conviction that our efforts to establish a spiritual community were based on truth, and that, ultimately, we would succeed. Ananda community had grown up.

We had taken the opportunity to leave behind our failed experiments, to learn from our mistakes, and to rebuild the community in a way that better reflected our spiritual ideals.

At the conclusion of Nalini’s India story, she writes, “I came back home with a great sense of urgency about Ananda’s role in the years ahead, for Yogananda has said that world brotherhood colonies will be the social pattern of the future. I feel grateful to be part of the Ananda community, which represents a solution to both the economic and spiritual needs of so many people at this time.”

Through trial by fire, we realized that we had at last achieved the foundation of community a group of people working cooperatively toward a goal of shared ideals. We were at last beginning to fulfill Yogananda’s and Kriyananda’s dream of a place where people could seek God among friends of like mind, where one’s outer life could support one’s inner spiritual efforts.

Here are a few pictures of Ananda’s early years: