She went into the hospital Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, 2013, and has not come out since…

Katelyn Crittenden – age 2

Please see her full of Healing Light!

Kelly & Dave Crittenden – (Katelyn’s parents) – from the Sacramento area. One of her parents is with her all the time. Extended family is also helping out.

The doctors discovered a rare immune system deficiency. Her platelets were very low. She has a PICC line inserted in her chest for IV antibiotics. They expect it to stay in for many months.

We’ve had her name on the prayer list, and on the Ananda Village hotline. She improved recently when I increased the hotline prayers, and the doctors said she could go home soon. But last night I got the word that she had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Thus I am now pulling out all the stops. This prayer request will be sent out to all of our healing prayer ministry. Please also share it with your own prayer groups, if you have one.

Please pray for healing and for clarity on healing options. (The family is going to look into other possibilities.)  Thank you all.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – For those of you who may know them, grandmothers Revs Karen Grace and Kim Clarity  are devotees of this path, and direct the Clarity Academy of Spiritual Arts (CASA) in Rancho Cordova, CA). I just taught a few healing seminars there this weekend, so this is very close to my heart.  I had been heartened that Katelyn was improving… and then I got the phone call last night that she had taken a turn for the worse. I have no further details at this time. I will ask them to keep me informed via email and the comment field, below.

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