We recently completed the online series called Healing with Divine Energy (Level I) … I am really pleased with the depth of healing knowledge and connection that was shared in this format…

People are asking for more, so I am working on a Level 2 and Level 3 course, designed especially for aspiring “Spiritual Healers” or for those wanting to add this to their existing healing practice.

So much is shared in Level I that it is a fantastic course all on its own, and also as a powerful foundation for the deeper knowledge shared in Levels II and III.  So please consider taking Level I now if you would like to be part of the first series of Level II later this year.

Steps that can help prepare a person for service in Spiritual Healing are things which most of my readers are already doing:

  1. Sending healing prayers at a distance by joining the Ananda Healing Prayer Circle.  This is a wonderful way to develop an intuitive feeling of God’s healing grace moving through you toward another person.
  2. Study the Ananda Course in Self-Realization: A Comprehensive Home Study Course in Yoga and Meditation, Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
  3. Peruse A Wealth of Healing Knowledge – a list of free articles on prayer.
  4. Peruse Healing Books, Mantras, and More to Help You Develop Your Healing Power

Overview of the proposed course:

Level I is the Healing with Divine Energy course that is already created and available.

Level II Spiritual Healing.  This would be for those who want to go deeper in their own personal prayers to help family and friends, and also for those who feel called to pursue healing as a vocation or service to others. Topics will cover how to create a healing room, how to work one-on-one with people, how to help your “healee” move forward in a powerful way, and much, much more. We are currently designing this course now… Stay tuned.

Level III Advanced Spiritual Healing – This will cover deeper topics of Master’s healing techniques, such as how to help people who are suffering from “premature” kundalini issues, past life disturbances, problems with “possession” or “entities” and how to cast out spirits, and more. Also covered would be how to clear a house if you feel it is haunted. If you can believe it, all of the above have been part of my life and service in the Healing Prayer Ministry. I feel it is now time to share this knowledge with devoted disciples of this path.

Please know that I don’t envision that everyone who takes Level III will engage in that category of healing service, but I do think it is good to know what exists in case these questions ever come up.  You will be more capable of either helping the person, or referring them on to someone who can be of help, if it feels out of your comfort zone. And we will also teach you how to work with a prayer partner to help give you increased spiritual power and protection for the trickier cases.

When you get a chance, please check out the testimonials below, from some who just finished Level I of the Course…

Blessings to all,

Mary Kretzmann, Director

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

PS – Please share this email with your friends who are  interested in spiritual healing…

Testimonials from those who completed Level I – Healing With Divine Energy

1) A three level course would be wonderful. I’d love to take all three in due course. In person healing courses would be great too; sort of like the Yoga Therapy offered at Ananda Village. To start with the online classes are great and give us an easy way to learn and connect. I did not feel that it was an online course. I think the vibration was easily conveyed over the web, which surprised me. At some point you may have to write a book on “Miracles of Healing” …because these stories can be so inspirational and can help us be better channels rather than letting self doubt take over.

2) Dear Mary,
I also very much look forward to taking these courses.
I am particularly interested in learning more about how to make this service into a vocation, and also in learning more about helping people with more specific issues such as you described in your summary for the Advanced Spiritual Healing course. Some of these I already feel somewhat capable of helping people with, and sometimes I have already to some degree (such as kundalini issues, working with past life traumas, and clearing a house or space), but still I often feel that what I am lacking is having a structure or outward ritual for such work. Perhaps my biggest question is how to structure this healing work when we are working with people in-person. For example, how does hands-on healing work using these techniques? … How does dispossession work in person, and would it work long-distance? These are some of the things I am most interested in.

Thank you, it is so wonderful learning from you!

3) To Mary/Group
That would be great!!. I sincerely want to watch the Healing with Divine Energy session again…. I think the contents of Marys’ 3 level courses would bring much interesting information…..
4)Dear Mary,

I would definitely take level 2 and 3 coursework about healing.  I have benefited from the online classes because I believe like R. that the spirit does come through the network.  A suggestion would be to have the online courses and then an intensive 3 -5 day workshop at Ananda. Another aspect of having an intensive at an Ananda location is the vibration of being in Ananda village is phenomenal.

I would forever grateful to be able to take the online courses for healing and an intensive final course.  I started being a part of the Ananda Healing Prayer Circle at the very beginning of my journey with Ananda.  My inner spirit is being pulled in that direction of healing through prayer and intuition.  Many blessings to all.  I feel that there are many of us who feel the same “calling” to be healers.  Master is the doer, we are the vessels.  In Divine Love, Lindasmile



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