Tuesday Update 

The threat of dry lightning seems to have passed. I only heard of one small fire that was sparked by the more recent lightning.  That small fire was discovered and pit out on Monday morning.

The huge fires both North and south of SanFrancisco are still burning – but there is some improvement… Continued prayers are most appreciated.


We invite you to join us in prayer for this emergency situation:

URGENT- Please pray for Ananda Village and all of Northern California. There are already 500 forest fires burning and there are predictions of more dry lightning starting Sunday…

The air is very smoky at Ananda Village – but the fires are currently far away. The smoke comes across the central Valley and settles in the Sierra foothills where we are. We had a small forest fire a few miles away earlier this week and all of Ananda Village prayed for it to be contained and extinguished, and that has happened, thankfully.

Visualize Divine light blessing and protecting Ananda Village and the surrounding area. Then see this Light expanding and blessing all of northern California, protecting the region if this predicted dry lightning indeed occurs. Invoke the presence of Divine Mother and all of our line of Gurus, and ask Them to protect this divine work of Ananda. And by extension, we ask this same blessing on the whole area threatened by these possible lightning strikes… May Divine Mother protect this work, and all of the northern California region. AUM AUM AUM — AMEN

The above is the immediate emergency prayer request, we also pray that the existing fires in California be controlled and then extinguished. Pray that all forces, human, natural, and Divine, come together to put out these fires. Visualize legions of angels blessing and guiding each and every firefighter, and all those threatened by fire at this time. May they be guided and protected.

California is the hardest-hit state by far – but please also close by sending healing blessings to any areas in the western states being hit by forest fires.

From the news:

Red Flag Warning for dry thunderstorms beginning Sunday morning and continuing through at least Monday evening

“…Remnant moisture from decaying hurricane Genevieve will spread northward over northern California late tonight and Sunday. This will lead to the increasing potential for isolated to scattered dry thunderstorms over much of Northern California. Lightning from dry thunderstorms will have the potential to start new fires. The dry layer beneath the storms may lead to gusty winds.

Thunderstorms: The potential for isolated to scattered dry thunderstorms will increase late tonight and Sunday, and will continue on Monday. The potential for dry thunderstorms may linger into Tuesday.

Impacts: High probability of fire starts with any lightning. Rapid spread of fire possible depending on terrain and local wind conditions…”

May the healing light of God, Christ, Guru bless and protect this whole region, NOW.  And may innumerable souls turn to God, NOW!

Thank you all for your prayers!


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

PS – I’d love to hear your feedback, and if your city or town is threatened by fire, please feel free to ask for specific prayers in the comment field, below.


  1. Thank you for the beautifully composed and very compassionate Prayers! They will be heard and fullfilled I am sure! Prayers are always accepted in Love by The Divine!
    Nevada City

  2. Mary,
    Santa Cruz needs urgent prayers. My brother has been evacuated to live in his boat.
    Please pray for peace of mind and the extinguishing of the fires there.
    Joy and light,

  3. My daughter Crystal and her family live in Middletown. They lost their home 5 years ago to fire. Now the Hennesey Fire is threatening their town. All on evacuation watch. Very smokey and very hot. No AC.
    This reminds me of the Bible story When Jesus was sleeping in a boat in a scarey storm. His deciples frantically woke him and said Lord don’t you care if we die? Thats how alot of people must feel with the current fire storms… but Jesus stayed calm and said “you of little faith” and then he calmed the storm. Let’s all keep attuned to our Big faith through trusting God’s grace and not allow fear to have its way. AUM

  4. A specific mantra which can stop the fire ?


    Chant it a lot!
    Much Love ???

  5. Dearest Mary, praying for you and all at Ananda Village and for all of California???❤️

  6. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu…Que tous les êtres soient heureux et en Paix

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