I listened again to this short talk by Swami Kriyananda. It contains some interesting stories in which he shares the power of having a happy and right attitude.

“….When you go out expecting things to work for you and with a joyful expectation…you’ll be amazed how your own mind can change your destiny…” Swami Kriyananda

This message is especially needed these days when people are beset with many concerns and fears.

Enjoy the talk, and take a moment each day to thank God for three blessings in your life. And then please send out AUM three times as a sacred mantra of healing to all receptive souls. In this way, we add light and harmony to this world.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry 


  1. Gratitude is the Biggest Attitude
    Law of attraction Works
    Healing takes place
    Our Dream becomes Destiny
    Frustration becomes fascinations
    Worry becomes Wisdom
    Thank You

  2. Being happy is a practice. Should consider it a profession. A profession that changes life itself. Life, Liberty, and the pursue of changing your life by being happy. The world IS made of consciousness. AUM AUM AMEN

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