Update from Ashleigh on Baby Faith

“Today she is three weeks old! And three days breathing on her own! Growing happy baby, oh and over 5 lbs now! ——There is word yet on getting discharged— she needs to learn to eat on her own. Once she can do this I believe discharge date will be part of the discussion. They say this is the hardest part as it can take some time. Hopefully, with her, she will get it quickly!

(Ashleigh is able to pump enough breast milk to feed Faith – but I believe there is still some medical assistance needed to help Faith to eat as much as she needs. I will try to get a clarification from Ashleigh and post it in the comments. As of today – Faith is still 5 weeks “early” compared to her original due date. — Mary Kretzmann)

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The daily prayer groups on zoom continue to be a deep source of inspiration for those who attend. One woman told me that her daily meditations are now deeper and calmer since she has been coming to the prayer sessions. I have heard others mention this in the past regarding healing prayers – that it spills over and helps their time in meditation, as well. Join us if you can.

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  1. Thank you everyone for all the prayers for our daughter, it means so much to us. I just wanted to clarify Faith’s feeding situation. As mentioned Ashleigh is producing enough milk, which is great, but Faith is still just a little to early to take milk orally. At the moment she is still getting all her food through a tube that goes in her nose all the way down to her stomach. In the last couple of days we have been trying to introduce her to breast feeding and bottle feeding with some success but she isn’t able to take much milk this way yet and it is more of a learning experience than a meal. All the doctors say she is ahead of her time in the amount of progress towards feeding she has already made but they also say this is the hardest part. So, Faith learning to feed by mouth is the big challenge for us now and the deciding factor in when she can come home. When she can take all her food by mouth is when we will be coming home. Thanks again for all the support and thank you Mary for sharing our story.


  2. Please add me to the blog would like to join you. Regards

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