This is a quick note to let your know thaat the zoom healing prayers sessions continue! This morning we had a deep session – first for the planet, and then for individuals.  A nice core group has developed and we also are very happy to see new faces each day.

Join us if you can…

See the time schedule and please let me know if you have suggestions for other times to try.

My husband Bhima Kent White and I are dring to Los Angeles to attend the annual Yogananda Fest. I will be be leading some healing prayers sessions for the whole group. If you live in the area – we would love to see you there! Click the link for details Yogananda Fest

Because we are traveling – sadly I must cancel the Friday prayers As we will be driving. It takes 8 hours to get to Los Angeles from our home. I am planning to be back in time for the Monday prayers at 1:30 pm. That is a good time for some of our members in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some in USA and Canada.

Please note the new time change for the THURSDAY morning prayers. See Below

Latest Schedule for Prayers for the Planet – followed by prayers for individuals:

  • Mary Kretzmann’s Personal Meeting Room (for all days except Wednesday)
  • Meeting ID #798 315 3231
  • Meeting Link for Monday Tuesday and Thursday – next week and beyond:
  • All times are Pacific Standard Time.
  1. Monday  – 1:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.
  2. Tuesday  – 5 pm
  3. Wednesday – 12 noon –
  5. NEW TIME: Thursday – 9 am
  6. Friday – 1:30 pm

Blessings to all.

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Minsitry

PS – Some of you had difficulties withteh healig prayer link – it is now fixed! Feel free to leave a prayer request for yourself or  loved ones.  – Ananda Healing Prayer Minsitry

PPS – Bonus – I have shared this recording of Yogananda’s “Law of SUcces” with some of the daily prayer groups. It is a valuable resource to listento at any time. I read the book years ago, adn I fouold it helpeful to simply realax and listen, as well.

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